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03-08-2006, 04:02 AM
How unlucky a person is, who is given a long age, but
spends it in vain by wasting time and doing
unbeneficial things.
Also, how unlucky a person is who is given enormous
wealth, but is prodigal with the property he owns and
spends it on 'haram' things. He eats food alone,
neglecting the needy and poor who are in hunger and
starvation. When he dies, he cannot bring the wealth
with him to the grave. The property he owns will lead
him to trouble in the Hereafter. It will be accounted
for and calculated by God.
The Hellfire awaits him.
unlucky a person is, who is given title of a
'ulamak'(Moslem scholar), who posesses the great
knowledge of Islam. But he misuses the knowledge, for
only seeking wealth and notoriety. He talks about
Islam but does not practice it. If he does practice,
it happens to be a minuscule part of it. Due to this,
he will be thrown to the Hellfire earlier than the
other sinful servants [of God].
Also, how unlucky a person is who is poor as he is
arrogant and impatient with his state of privation. He
is not patient with the test/trial/tribulation of God.
He protests against God for making Him poor, so he
disobeys due to this small suffering
he faces. He is
poor in this world and will be also poor in the
Hereafter. His abode will be in the Hellfire.

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03-08-2006, 05:28 AM
i think they should be called(unlucky servant Allaah) to poorest servert of Allaah.

jajakAllaah, for the post

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