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03-08-2006, 12:44 PM
What kind of society do we want or in other words,what is the pattern of that Islamic society asrequired by Islam, that once existed in history andwhich we are now struggling to reestablish. In thatsociety, surely everybody, whether Muslims or NonMuslims are satisfied, feel calm and serene, peacefuland tranquil, safe and full of salvation, feel happyand contented, feel loved and cared for and are inharmony. In the society we want and that which Islamrequires, the leaders are just, protecting and loving,gentle and of good character. The educated are humbleand full of self-humiliation. Everybody who mixes withthem feels at ease and satisfied.

The rich and wealthyare not arrogant, not exhibitive and are not feelproud. They become banks for the society or thenation. Further more the poor and the destitute getsupport from them. They are loved and they give love.There is no one who hates them except those who arespiteful and envious.In the society that we are waiting for, the pious orthe theologians (ulamas) are like torches who light upeach person's life towards the path accepted by God.They are compassionate towards the ignorant and arealways guiding and teaching them. They are gentle toother men.

Their love and compassion is obvious. Justseeing their faces, reminds one of God. They are verymuch loved. Men turn to them for support and advice.In the society we are waiting for, the patience of thepoor is clearly visible. They do not beg, let alonedeceive. They are not in anxiety but instead are calmand pacifying. Others do not realise they are poor anddestitute, while, in fact they have nothing to theirnames, for they never beg or cause any inconvenienceto people.In the society we are waiting for, the aged arerespected because their charisma is high andpreserved.

The older they get, the closer they are toGod. Their words are like pearls, always disseminatingknowledge to people. As they get older, the more theyare loved. They are not neglected, what more by theirchildren and grandchildren. Besides that, in thesociety that we want, its youth are of honorablecharacter and their shyness is plain to see especiallyamong the girls and women. There is no free mixing ofthe sexes, they are diligent at work and they activelystruggle to uphold the rule of God. They do not wastetime seeking enjoyment. Their time is filled with allthings good and useful. They strongly protect the goodname and dignity of religion, race and nation.

Theyare like fences and fortresses.Further than that, in the society that we long for, nodisobedience and vices occur in the open. Crime doesnot exist. If any at all, it happens only once in awhile, for all men feel the fear of God and truly lovethe Hereafter. Articles left or lost will surely befound or returned. Womenfolk who walk alone, will notbe harassed and molested. Her safety and dignity isguarded together, as though she is a member of thefamily even though she is not known by anyone.In such a society, neighbours respect each other, takecare of each other, oversee each other, exchangegifts, help and assist each other and visit each otherespecially when one falls ill. Each is concerned withthe other and when a neighbour is in difficulty, therewill always be others who will assist him and care forhim.

It follows that in the society that we are lookingfor, people who commit wrongdoing readily ask forforgiveness and the wronged readily forgives althoughforgiveness is not solicited. Revenge and vendetta donot exist, envy and grudge do not happen and killingdo not occur. Consideration for other people is a wayof life. The world is not a source of strife andavenues for quarrels and disputes are non existent.The whole world is full of love and care and harmony.In this society longed by mankind, those who are indifficulty, the poor and those facing mishaps will notbe left unassisted. People will rush to help and giveaid to them.

Those who are poor and in difficultyreally feel assisted. Although outwardly they appearto be poor but the truth is that they are not troubledbecause everyone is concerned about them. In fact,those who are poor live better than those who are fromthe middle class.In the society that we want, anywhere we go andanywhere we travel, it is easy for us to be receivedas guests. People rush to receive us and every form ofassistance is offered all along the way. If we run outof supplies, there are always people who will giveassistance and help. If we are lost, there are alwayspeople who will show us the way. In our journeys, wewill never feel alone as there will always be newfriends and acquaintances made. Also in the societythat we want, Ayatullah (the signs of Allah), thegreatness of Allah and His "shiar" (symbols) are seeneverywhere.

Wherever we go, we will see peoplecarrying out acts of subservience, completely attiredto cover the body in accordance to the "shariah",giving and answering the "salam", reciting the Quran,learning religion, being well mannered, with nobleculture, helping one another, who are tolerant, whogive priority to others, who love to treat, toentertain and to receive guests and who give andassist.Further, in the society that we desire, the ulamas(theologians), leaders, teachers, parents, and theaged are respected and cherished, children are loved,husbands and wives are loving to one another, the poorare given aid and sympathy, friends are loyal,treachery does not exist, trust is upheld,responsibility is carried out, promises are kept anddebility is accepted and forgiven. And still further,in the Islamic society, wherever we go, we will notsee people loitering around wasting their time, no onewill be out of work or are unemployed, and no one willbe seen reveling without any purpose. Everyone isinvolved doing good and beneficial work either for hisGod or for his fellowmen. In the society that we want, people are busy withdevelopment, active in making advancement, but withoutany accompanying transgression.

There is nocorruption, no deceit, no oppression and no neglect.There is no transgression of the "shariah" (rules ofGod). The more the people are developed and advanced,the more humble, generous and thankful they become andthe more they fear Allah. Hence, physical advancementand spiritual advancement goes hand in hand. There issimultaneous movement in the physical and spiritualdevelopment. The world and the Hereafter are developedtogether. What we then have is an advancedcivilization and magnificent development that nolonger symbolizes the arrogance of man but thesupremacy of God, the greatness of the Creator, thepower of the Creator, and the symbols of His power,and the abundance of His pleasures and blessings.

The effect is that non-Muslims or if there still existthe minority of Muslims whose hearts are still wicked,they will be ashamed to commit any evil deeds. Theyfeel guilty to commit any wrongdoing. Although theyare not necessarily ashamed to their God, but they areashamed to other men and they feel they should not becommitting wrong. This indirectly helps to maintainpeace and serenity in the society. Blessed by the factthat the majority of the people are good, coupled bythe fact that they love and care for their leaders,the "ulamas" and the rich among them who are just,generous, who love the people, who are of goodcharacter and who are charismatic, these bad hats willshy away from doing the wrong and the improper.Hence, the society becomes peaceful, serene, unified,loving and caring, tranquil, at ease, happy andharmonious, without the element of fear and worry. Thepeople are no longer afraid of the evil of man.

Theyfeel there will be no more people who will cheat,steal their property, commit treachery, takingopportunity, doing things for their self-interest, whorob, kidnap, rape, sabotage and the like. There willevolve a kind of life that Allah Taala pictured in theQuran, which means "A nation that is peaceful,prosperous and blessed with the forgiveness of God."The society that we picture above is the society thatwe long for, that we are working and struggling forand that which we dream will one day materialize inthe reality of our lives. We hope it will happen inthis early part of the Hegira century for God haspromised that in the early part of this century, Islamwill return resplendent as it was in its early years.Let us together await while we struggle for thisbeautiful and resplendent era. Let us hope that Godgrants us a sufficiently long life, so that we canwitness this golden age and let us also hope ithappens due to our efforts and our struggle. We hopeAllah Taala will not let us down.Oh Allah, grant us this hope.

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03-08-2006, 02:21 PM
use of paragraphs would make it easier for people to read...

03-08-2006, 04:44 PM
I can't read that it's too hard!
Can you revise it with paragraphs?

03-08-2006, 05:20 PM

I seperated them into paragrapghs so it will be easier to read.


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