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03-16-2006, 02:11 PM
So Great, So True...

When a feeling of sadness blankets your mind,
Seek protection in Allah's prayers and you shall find,
A path, an angel to guide you through,
Your day of uncertainity, A day so untrue.

When a person speaks of revenge and jealousy,
Cradle yourself in the pages of the Quran,
Recite the verses and you shall find,
A new light in which you precieve the world,
Your ears will find a tranquil place,
As you hear your voice praise Allah's names.

When you are a beginner and learning the faith,
At times you may grow dismal understanding lifes ways.
But be not confused, For you will learn
Allah does whats best in return.

When you experience success,
Dont forget who has given it to you.
Always remember Allah in whatever you do,
For praying to Allah in return,
Will grant you sucess in times to come.

When you feel betrayal from the world,
As though no one cares or loves you enough,
Dont cry, or drift away from Him.
He leaves His arms open,
As a mother to her kids.
And you shall return unto Him.

This life is a test from Allah, to see how well you shall do.
When your opposers are disbelievers of this faith, so great so true.
So dont give into the hardships you'll experience in time,
And dont give into the mistakes, which can conquer our minds...

This world is a difficult journey,
An obstacle to overcome,
Especially in the place we live in,
Not everyday is bright and fun.
Remember Allah in all that you do,
For He is the only one, so great, so true.


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