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View Full Version : when the inner sight is blind

03-18-2006, 06:35 AM

At every moment You provide oxygen to mankind,

In order so that the beings can still continue their lives.

Yet, they do not feel that it (the oxygen) is from You.

During each moment, they are using eyes to catch sight of the scenic view.

They are also listening to the news and acquiring knowledge now and again.

The ears are solely given by You.

On the contrary, they do not consider it (the ear) as Your gift.

They are leading their life without thinking about it.

They are not even ashamed of You.

How great are Your favors and blessings upon them.

They are able to think with the mind given by You.

With the mind, they explore huge secrets of nature.

In addition to knowledge, the discoveries which are expanding.

But they never feel it (the mind) as Your power and gift.

Apparently only their eyes and brain are functioning.

Their inner sight (heart) is not functioning.

Almost the majority of mankind on earth are in this way.

You as their God are neglected by them.

For that reason, You teach them a lesson in various ways such as natural catastrophe, poverty, and the absence of love and care between them.

Various type of crimes, conflict, and war cause them trouble.

You torture them by sending the affliction of a variety of dangerous diseases.

Yet…they have not realized and repented.

They won’t realize such as long as their inner sight (heart) remains blind….

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