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03-20-2006, 09:45 AM
Salam Alaikum

This article is not meant to offend Pakistanis, I myself am one.

The intention behind this article is to make people reflect upon their actions.

The Muslim State vs the State of the Muslims

I come from Pakistan which is supposed to be a Muslim state. Normally to those who dont know the nitty gritty details of what truly makes a true Muslim or Islamic state, they would consider Pakistan to be an Islamic state. This is a mistake which is often made by many non muslims. However the truth is that a true Islamic/Muslim state is very diffrent from the countries around the world which we now know as "muslim states". This article examines some of the basics.

Muslim State Ruled by Islamic Law which is derived from the Quran and Sunnah and through Ijtihad (a process mutual consultation involving educated opinions into matters to pass a ruling)

Pakistan The core of the system still contains British laws mixed with Islamic laws as well as new laws passed recently to include a democratic platform

Muslim State Education is a must for all Muslim men and women, thus the state is obliged to provide either free or very cheap and excellent and readily available Education for all its citizens

Pakistan Education at govermental level is free or very cheap but if you go to a govt school then you have no chance of ever making it in any organization except at a janitorial level.

Muslim State The leaders are there to serve the people

Pakistan The people get stepped over by the leaders who consider themselves superior and often dont give the people their rights.

Muslim State The government gives rights to its citizens who are protected at all costs by the government. Under no circumstances does the govt hand over anyone to foreign governments.

Pakistan The citizens of Pakistan have rights only on paper. The goverment literally rules the people (acting as kings) and the people are literally slaves who desperately try and make a decent living to survive. The govt of Pakistan readily hands over as many citizens as a foreign govt would require with no justification at all.

Muslim State The legal system is designed to dispense justice in a quick and easy manner for the citizens. so that anyone seeking legal action will have easy access to it. Legal aid is provided free by the state.

Pakistan Legal system is heavily corrupt and does not work. Simple Court cases can take up to 3 to 4 years to settle. And the cost for legal battles is in majority cases more than the people can afford.

Muslim State Cleanliness s a very important part of Islam. The government ensures that the country is clean and sewage and all such things are taken care of properly.

Pakistan Streets are littered to as far as the eye can see, it is a common sight to see sewage water flowing on many streets The government does very little to fix this.

Muslim State Businesses who do not provide proper services to their customers are fined and have to reimburse their customers.

Pakistan There is no jutification for any ill dealing by businesses in Pakstan UNLESS they happend to cheat someone influential then you see all the action in the world. But for common man there is nothing.

Muslim State Feeding the people at a base level is the responsibility of the state. Thus it provides people with social security (zakah) so that they are given money if they are unemployed to buy the basics.

Pakistan People could starve to death and the government could care less. The zakah collected is usually consumed by the goverment and no one really knows what happens to it in the end.

Muslim State Adultery in food goods in market places is a serious crime in Islam and heavily punishable.

Pakistan Adultery in food goods is a normal practice in Pakistan and readily accepted by the govt who does very little to try and stop it.

Muslim State Muslim women and their dignity is highly potected in an Islamic state to the extent that anyone who accuses a women of ill conduct and fails to provide 4 witnesses is flogged in public.

Pakistan In Pakistan you can accuse a woman of ill conduct and still have a legal proceeding without any witnesses at all.

Muslim State Slaves are to be liberated by Muslims following in the example of the Prophet Mohammed(s) who liberated many slaves from slavery.

Pakistan Slavery is very common in tribal areas where the landlords are the kings and all the people who live on the land are considered inferior and as slaves.

Muslim State Mosques are state regulated or run by the state so that uniformity of worship and education in mosque is ensured.

Pakistan Any tom **** or harry can grow a beard and open up a mosque in their house or else where including stolen land.

Muslim State Law and Order has to be maintained by the government which recruits able men and women to do so.

Pakistan Law and Order is a myth in Pakistan. Policemen usually only stop you to get money for tea or food. (corruption)

These are just a few basic things which are missing from one country called Pakistan..why?

The Prophet(s) said that the leaders will reflect what the majority of you have become.

So the sad truth is that we the Muslim People have choosen to neglect all of the above stated things and far more! And so it is the reason that our society has become a rotting heap of mouldy frog droppings.

So insha'allah next time we are about to litter the street: STOP!

Next time we are about to cheat or lie to someone: STOP!

Next time we are about to let our rights get stepped on: STOP!

Because unless we stop the wrong and start doing the right which Allah commands, we will never go down the path of progress and of victory.

Insha'Allah once again I would like to say, please do not be offended by my topic....because "Unless a man is honest to himself, he can never be honest to others". So it is about time we stopped blaming the world and start taking the responsibility and sacrificing!

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03-20-2006, 11:12 AM
verrrryy verryy true brother..!! n these are just a few of the soo many things..

Eric H
03-20-2006, 12:55 PM
Greetings and peace be with you akulion;
"Unless a man is honest to himself, he can never be honest to others". So it is about time we stopped blaming the world and start taking the responsibility and sacrificing
So true and yet so hard to do

In the spirit of helping others


03-20-2006, 01:22 PM
Yes it is hard to do but we have to try.

We should stay focussed on the task at hand rather than spend the same time worrying about what everyone else is up to.

That dosent mean one is not vigilant...it just means we have to give priorities to tasks and tackle them one at a time :)

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03-20-2006, 06:43 PM
This is very true.

Pakistan is a tremendously corrupt country, and that's unacceptable. Here's a country rich with people from many walks of life, with incredible landscapes, and yet it's being run by a group of 'Friday Muslims' who wouldn't say no to the odd brandy.

03-20-2006, 07:54 PM
Salamu alikom brothers and sisters. very true though, I will add an article about what islamic state is and when we can talk about a country being islamic state. Today not even one single country in the muslim world is islamic country. They established Kofr systems such as democracy , capitalism, socialism and many more ideologies that are very very alien to the muslims. Many muslims are manipulated with the word islamic state. That is why it is very importnat for us to study what Islamic state is. A country can not be islamic state because its people are 100% muslims. A country can be islamic state when its legislation is 100% from Islam. What we see in our muslims lands is that we are divided to more than 52 weak and useless states that serve the interest of Allah and the believers enemy: Al Koffar. And not only that also it is haram for muslims to have many rulers, our ruler is One and it is Ameerul Mumineen: The leader of the believers, and this leader must unite the muslims, get rid of the kofr systems and destroy the haram boundries that divide the muslims. The solution for muslims is not deomcracy or wetsern Kofr laws. But al Islam, the deen of truth and systems for all life affairs. The solution is a Islamic caliphate that will protect the honour and pride of Islam. Like we have seen in the events of the insults against rasool saw. all the muslims could do was to be angry and protest, yet we didnt see anything. The koffar of Denmark even deny to say sorry to the muslims, dear brothers and sisters apology is not the solution. Rasool saw is the most beloved person in this world, we should not only be happy with an apology but expect action which is not possible since the muslims are weak. Koffar will laugh at us because they see we cant defend our women, children or Rasool saw. They see that the muslims are weak and defendless and will remain in this misery as long they see there is no caliphate to protect the muslims against the aggression of Koffar. Rasool saw said: The caliphate is a shield and from it the muslims defend themselves and fight behind. Oh muslim ummah wake up and work for the re-establishment of this caliphate that will make the koffar losers and taste the punishment of this world and allah will punish them in the next life. Only by caliphate we can protect our brothers and sisters who are living in insults, and humuliation , killings, torture and rape. Oh muslims the time is now for you to wake up and unite under the baner of Islam and destroy the useless boundries which are a creation of Al Koffar. Shaytaan gives Koffar and their supporters a false hope about destroying islam and muslims, but their false hope will be destroyed by Al 7aq soon inshallah.

03-21-2006, 11:59 AM
insha'allah looking forward to your article sis :)

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