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View Full Version : Are you a servant?

03-23-2006, 04:02 PM

How great even is your power,

You won’t be able to transform the authenticity of yourself,

You can’t transform yourself into gold, crystal and diamond,

But why do you become arrogant and proud?

And not becoming humble?

How rich even you are,

The biology of yourself won’t change,

You remain as human,

Who is in need of food and drink,

Who will be afflicted by illness,

And will befallen with calamity,

You urinate and pass your body waste

Why do you change your spiritual essence?

What is the logic do you change your soul into proud, boastful and showing off?

You are human as others,

Even though you are clever, your creation is the same like other humans,

Your original creation is soil,

Your second creation is the mean semen,

Your cleverness won’t change your biology,

But why do you change your attitude?

From a loving, caring and friendly man to a man who tends to isolate himself from others?

You feel that you are not qualified anymore to interact with ordinary people,

Why do you put gap between you and mankind?

If you have specialties, does it mean you no longer need others?

Are you capable of providing all of your life necessities?

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