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03-24-2006, 05:42 AM
Mankind is from one descendent,And from one parent.The origin of mankinds is from one source: Adam andHawa.God is the one and only who has created the whole ofmankind,Which was allowed to branch off into various ethnicityandand speakers of different languages.Mankind is in need of all its people.The people need cooperation.It is impossible for them to live alone, or bythemselves, even if they are rich and clever.The goal of the people is the same.They are in need of the protection of God.They are in need of love and care.They are in need of happiness.Therefore, why do they produce hostilities?why do they fight and wage war?Why do they relinquish the feelings of love and care[for each other]?Why do they demolish their happiness?They (the love, care, and happiness) are the food forthe soul.Every person needs them.Stop the hostility and fighting.Let us strive for love and care that is loved by God.For the sake of peace, harmony, and happiness.It should begin by a leader who acts as the savior formankind...

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