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04-23-2005, 03:30 PM
Where is Peace and Justice

The beautiful sun is smiling
The ocean breeze sings with melody
The birds soar in the blue sky with pride
While I think and cry
I cry for peace
I cry for love
I want happiness in my heart
I look at the vast ocean searching
To see if I can find a solution to what is happening around me
Every where I look I see bloodshed
I see no unity
I see children being taken away from their mothers
I see innocent people dying and being oppressed
I see starvation
I see people hiding behind doors afraid to see even the sunshine
Why is mankind being unjust
Where is the harmony and peace in this world
Will there ever be real justice and peace in this world
The beautiful sun is still smiling
The ocean breeze still sings with melody
While I think and cry for peace in humanity

By: Sabrina Rashid, 13

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