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View Full Version : Being poor is not wrong!

03-28-2006, 02:33 PM
It is not wrong or a problem for being poor

Being poor is not wrong or a problem
The problem lies when the poor is stealing, lying and begging, as he is not accepting his fate
The problem is with the rich and wealthy
They are rich, feel as if they own nothing
Love to be wealthy, never have enough
Love to have heaps of wealth, without giving to the poor
The greed develops, so is the stinginess
The capitalist monopolising the wealth
The raw materials under their control
They set the retail prices
The poor and the labourers treated like slaves
Then they blamed the suffering poor
The poor not being helped
But they're taking advantage of the poor men's energy to look for their wealth
The poor already in hardship and suffering
Then slaved by the rich who never seemed to have enough
So, it is not the poor giving the problem
The problem in life is among the rich and the wealthy
As they feel poorer than the poor
The poor being neglected, no one caring for them
But no one feels the problem comes from the rich
No one ever blames the rich
But the target for the blame is the suffering poor
As the ones blaming are the rich as well
To cover their faults, they blame the poor being lazy
If they are helping, more for the name and glamour
The help is minimal, but the poor feeling humiliated
This describes the character of the final era
The poor having no defender.

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