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04-01-2006, 12:10 PM
Islamic nation had been an empire for 700 years,
Along this period, there had been many sovereignties (who upheld Islam),
Always changed from one to another,
The sovereignties were based on their own 'bani' (tribe or race or family),
The territorial area conquered or invaded developed,
As well as knowledge which expanded with many fields,
More and more races or nations converted to Islam,
But (during the period of Islamic empire) the just Islamic sovereign, government or ruling that existed can be counted by fingers,
There were: Rasulullah and the four pious Caliph(Khulafa' Ar Rasyidin),
Omar ibnu Aziz, Sallehuddin Al Ayubi, Sultan Mohd Al Fateh,
This shows that justice is very priceless,
Only the leaders that were chosen by God, are able to uphold justice,
Or the leader who has the signs from God, (predestined by God, or prophesized by Rasulullah)

The rest of them will hardly to uphold justice,
Even though from those who are devoted servants of Allah,
Even if they can carry out many acts of worship to Allah,
Because justice is very precious,
It is enough with this attribute, one would approach 'taqwa'(piety)
A just leader also is one of the categories who will be protected by Allah in the 'Mahsyar' (congregational day)
From here, we understand that:
A just leader comes at random (seldom and they are few in number),
But the tyrannical leaders always come and their number is big,
Who oppress people in their ruling,
Who tyrannize the subjects as they wish,
Who succumb to their evil desires in their leadership,
Who never bother about sins or reward,
Whether God is pleased or not,
All these things are never taken into their account!

According to this poem, we can rule out certain points as follows:
- The guideline for the Muslim nation, we should read hadith and find out in which time we are now?
- Allah Taala already set for us His chosen leaders who will bring peace and happiness to the world. Everything has been decreed in Quran and hadith.
- At the end of time, there will be another chosen leader who would bring change to this chaotic world ( according to hadith).
- The chosen leader is guided and led by Allah himself. He is aided and helped by the army of God in fighting the 'Kuffar' (none believers) due to his piety.
- The true and just leader will appear soon, insya Allah. We're convinced in this century!

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04-02-2006, 01:35 AM
Nowadays it's very difficult to find a just leader anymore. The world is now full of wicked and treacherous leaders...so Imam Mahdi will come soon.

04-03-2006, 09:42 PM
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