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View Full Version : Looking at the feelings of others

04-03-2006, 06:39 PM
There was once this Buzrugh who went to a town to give a bayan. Upon the completion of his bayan the people of the town flocked to greet him and to ask him to make dua for them.

Whilst this was going on an old lady walked to the front to greet him, the peple made way for her and the woman proceeded. She got to the front and asked the Buzrugh to make dua for her, while she asked him she let off some wind. The old lady felt so ashamed and embarassed and started to leave. The Buzrugh asked the woman, come closer i didnt hear what you asked, she repeated herself, but even then the Buzrugh said that he cant hear her and asked her to come closer and ask again.

Because of this the woman felt as though the Buzrugh never heard her let off wind and felt releived. After she left, the companions of the Buzrugh told him that he handled the situation well. The Buzrugh asked them to come closer and repeat themselves as he did not hear them. His companions were shocked and wondered what is happening to The sheikh.

A number of years passed, and the Buzrugh still could not hear. The news reached his house that the old woman had passed away. The companions of the Buzrugh went to meet him and to their amazement he could hear again. They asked him that what had happened to your hearing, you could hear perfectly fine before the old lady came to meet you, but lost your hearing straight after she left.

The Buzrugh told his companions that he pretended all those years to have lost his hearing as he did not want the old woman to know that he heard her relieve wind. So he waited till she passed away before he carried on as normal.

This shows that for so many years the Buzrugh pretended to have lost his hearing, just so he does not hurt the feelings of this old woman who he had never met before that occasion. Only after she passed away was the time he led his normal life again. In the same way, if a Big buzrugh went through so much to make sure he does not hurt the feelings of an old woman, why cant we look after each others feelings and respect each other.

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