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04-22-2006, 09:12 PM
Are You Living?

By Hajra Kamdar *
18 April, 2006

I once read somewhere that you can't choose how your life begins, and you can't choose how your life ends, but in-between, you can choose who you want to be. Life is filled with uncertainties, it's an adventure waiting to happen. Opportunities are waiting at every corner, but how long will it take to turn your fantasies into dreams and your dreams into a reality. How much are you willing to risk to discover yourself, in fact, are you willing to take risks at all?

Life is an ongoing journey. How often does one reflect on the growth that life has blessed us with. Memories are one way of determining our success. Surround yourself with memories of yesteryear, all those moments are swept under the carpet and collect cobwebs, they border on the line of being forgotten. Do yourself a favor, don't ever forget. Every step you made in the past is a stepping stone to your success, every memory you have has immense value. Every mistake that you made in the past had brought you closer to discovering more about yourself, discovering the life within you.

Imagine your entire life as a bubble, a little ball that fits in the palm of your hands. Now you can watch it, stop it, rewind it, and replay it. Amazing, Isn't it? How much you have changed, how much you have experienced, the physical and mental growth, but even more amazing is the fact that it doesn't end there, you have so much more of yourself to discover.

The one mortal being you should fear most is yourself, because only you have the ability to either make or break yourself. The cliché that you are your own best friend is so true, no one knows you, understands you, cherishes you, or loves you better then you do. The best way to live your life is to learn to love yourself more everyday for various reasons, in this way you would be able to discover more about yourself and become your own best friend.

On the other hand, you could become your own worst enemy, pessimistic attitude and insolence is one of the worst mistakes you can make, no soul has the ability to bring you down or break your spirit more then you do. Self-destruction could lead to an unworthy end.

Day to day activities and the monotony of life often makes us get so wrapped up in the system that we tend forget the purpose of being here in the first place and in some cases one could even lose oneself in the structured routine of life. A famous saying goes, "Wherever you go, there you are." You cannot run away from yourself, so don't waste half your life trying to be someone else, or even worse avoiding who you really are.

If you don't know yourself, then who else would? Is it possible to live your life without really understanding yourself in the first place? Life is natural, Allah has a natural plan for all of us, and we are all part of nature, so best we take care of our environment, starting with ourselves. Someone wise once told me that in life there are two kinds of people, those who are living and those who merely exist. Which one are you?


* Hajra Kamdar is an 18 year old student and a youth volunteer in South Africa. She can be contacted at youth_campaign@iolteam.com

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