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04-25-2006, 07:23 PM
salam-i want to discuss with u brothers and sisters and share ur opinion.tell me if i am wrong.I happened to go through a site where i noted that the site degrade some other muslim group.as if they were the only correct followers of prophet mohamed(s.a.w) I always had the opinion that all group muslims have their own way of da,wa in increasing the deen of ALLAH.it is really sad to muslims form groups blame eachother ,pecking at each other,calling each other kafirs, not returning the salam so and so.whome r they blaming does any one think for a mt?their own brothers of islam.the brothers who utters kaima Tayyiba.every one knows of a Hadeed that when amanSAYS kalima Tayyiba all his past sins are forgivenand the doors of the janna is opened for him.what we r doing?willAlmighty Allah ever forgive us?.islam stands for unity.what is happening now?just the opposite.common people r confused,youngsters r confused,they not know whome to follow,result another group is born.IN the olden days when a man hears aBayyan he comes home iman little more stronger.now when aman hears a bayyan he return with the knowledge of other group,s fault.a public backbiting.almost 1500 yrs since islam apeared.after the death of prophet Mohamed(s.a.w)different of opinion has popped up.what one call a hadeed laif another call it sai with source.one may pray salat-awwabin ,salat tasbi to please Allah.another may avoid the same to please Allah.intention of both is to please.Allah The Almighty may forgive us if the r wrong because we r not doing it purposly.But willallahutala ever for give us for breking the unity of prophet Mohamed,s(s.a.w)ummath?beleive it or not we r becoming the laughing stock of nonmuslims.an incident happened some yrs back.my cousin,s ostad a moulv went to well known sami (an hindu saint)to do some da,wa.later he admitted that he felt ashamed when the sami said,:first u make ur own people right and then come to me" .if we really want to spread Islam we should promote other group in path of islam.we should firmly understand,that each has it own way of da,wa..one group may do da,wa om kuffars,another may do da,wa on mulims only .they may feel that the iman of muslims are weak,it should be made stronger and their own and they may work on that basis.advices should be given if any, privately and not publicly. if any one prays extra nafl prayers let them do so abusing only cause mare hatered in the hearts.if any one wants to avoid let them do so.who r we to decide ALLAHTA,LA ISTHE BEST DECIDER.WE ALL SAY KAILMA tAYYIBA.ISN,T IT ENOUGH FOR US TO LOVE EACH OTHER

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04-25-2006, 07:32 PM
salaam sis :)
i think we must learn about islam before we give da'wah.
sis ur right! we need to unite :)

04-25-2006, 08:03 PM

  • Originally Posted by islamtoday.com
    Calling people to Islam as well as enjoining them to what is right and forbidding what is wrong is a duty upon the Muslims. The evidence for this comes in the following texts:
Originally Posted by islamtoday.com

  • “Call to the way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching and argue with them in the best of manners.” [Sûrah al-Nahl: 125]

  • You are the best of nations brought forth for humanity. You call to what is right and forbid what is wrong.” [Sûrah Âl `Imrân: 110]

  • “Let there arise from you a band of people who invite to what is good, enjoin what is right, and forbid what is wrong. These are the successful ones.” [Sûrah Âl `Imrân: 104]

  • Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) said: “Whoever among you sees something wrong should change it with his hands. If he is unable, then with his tongue. If he is unable, then in his heart, and that is the weakest of faith.”


Ummu Amatullah
04-25-2006, 10:04 PM
:sl: Ya Ukhti Jameela,

Sis,yes I agree with you this Ummah has to unite,but sister you've to take into consideration the A-hadith of Rasoolu'Allah when he prophecised that his Ummah was going to split into 73 different sects. and only one sect. was going to go to Janaah.Then the companions asked Allah's messenger,"O Prophet which sect. would be saved?".He the Prophet replied,"The ones whom follow The Quran,Sunnah,and those who follow my household."So sis yes,Da'wah has to be given to those who're Jahil,but sis how can muslims give Da'wah,when they themselves have different views to what they're calling other's to.Let's say a Wahabi and an Ash'ari teamed up to give Da'wah to others.The Wahabi tells people that there's life after death,but the Ash'ari says that there's no life after death.Naturally the person who was already a Jahil would become even more confused,because to him a muslim is a muslim,it doesn't matter what madhab or sect. he follows.So when those type of contradictions happen then Christians or Pagans view Islam as being a dis-united religion with many contradictions.

I just remembered this brother Mash'Allah who's very big on da'wah was giving Da'wah to one of his professors.They were having a little debate about all the contradictions in the bible.So the muslim brother kept going on and on about the many contradictions which happened between Jesus & Paul in the bible.The professor is just sitting their smiling.You guys just know that the professor is Arab and knows alot about Islam,but isn't muslim.So this professor was well aware of all the different sects. in Islam and their creeds and etc.........So the professor knowing the state of the Muslim Ummah used that knowledge as a proof of Islam's fallacy as being a religion free from defaults and contradictions,but what amazed me is how the Muslim brother was judging christianity based on the contradictions of it's holy book,while the professor was judging Islam based upon it's followers.Which is a strong proof right there in it's self that we muslims are the representatives of Islam,so if we want to spread Islam from my view it would be to make everything about us our appearance,character,and etc...Islamic.Be like a Walking example of the Quran.Like in an hadith which Aishah(R) described the Prophet as being a walking example of the Quran.Everything he(Allah's Messenger)said,did,or approved of was by the ruling of Allah Ta'allah (By the Holy Quran).

May Allah unite this Ummah under one religion,one banner(La Illaha Illa'Allah),and one minhaj Insh'Allah.

Wa Billahi Tawfiq May Allah protect us from the fires of hell who's fuel is man and stones,prepared for the disbeleivers.Ya Allahu Ya Razaq iftah qulubina wa basarina ameen.


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