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05-09-2006, 08:13 PM
Asalamu alykum my brothers and sisters

I was wondering whether you could help me, I would truly appreciate it if you could answer the below stated questions because I really want to move on, Inshallah you will be able to help Inshallah

I want to ask this to strengthen my imaan. They are always in my head, so I was wondering if it is not a bother, please could you answer my questions, it would be much appreciated........Jazakhallah, truly, May ALLAH (swt) have mercy upon you....Ameen

1.) I no that whatever happens in life it is because ALLAH (swt) wanted it to happen, so things like, guantomno bay, domestic violence, or if I was to get physically abused by someone (Astagufurillah) and other things that happen in the world, is it because ALLAH (swt) wanted it to happen.........I believe everything in ISLAM is justified, and I no there is an perfectly good answer to this please could you help me so I could have peace of mind

2) Another thing is that, when in my du'a I ask for something, I say 'Ya ALLAH (swt) give me signs to tell me what I should do', so when I finish reading, after a while if a sign was to show which is linked to my du'a, can I follow what the sign is showing, can i say ALLAH (swt) wants me to do this, go this way, is this accurate to what I am doing, or are these 'signs' not really signs that tell me what I should do

Jazakhallah brothers and sisters for helping me

Asalamu alykum

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