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05-12-2006, 11:41 AM
Sheikh Salman al-Oadah

Fallujah is not in any respect a “holy city”. However, every noble soul rejects being subjugated and oppressed, and in this way Fallujah, Iraq, and every land on Allah’s Earth possesses this sacredness of spirit that demands either a life of dignity or a dignified death trying to attain it.

The resistance to British colonial rule crystallized in Fallujah when its people were mobilized by Sheikh Dârî and proved able to bring down British airplanes. Many Iraqis were martyred in that attempt and the death of Sheikh Dârî was henceforth seen the beginning of the end of the hated colonial occupation.

The coalition forces brought this resistance in Fallujah upon themselves with their foolishness and their crass disregard for the most basic humanitarian considerations. American forces have plunged forward in a most rash and provocative manner to impose their control over the city.

They responded to peaceful demonstrators protesting the conduct of the coalition forces and demanding their withdrawal by firing upon them, killing and wounding a number of them. They came with the ready-made excuse that they killed those dozens of demonstrators in “self-defense”. It is the same excuse that they use when they send in their airplanes and rain down bombs upon innocent civilians. Then they go on to explain in detail the mantra of the US Defense Department that the objective of the coalition forces is to liberate 30 million people – the people of Iraq. Who, then, are they fighting now? Who are the people who are standing up to them at every instance?

The Bush Administration won its war against the tyrannical and despotic Ba`th regime in Iraq. However, under no legitimate pretext will it be able to do the same against the Muslim masses.

Rejection of foreign aggression is a growing sentiment that is spreading from Fallujah to all the other cities of Iraq. Fallujah is like a burning red ember in an ash field.

This city on the Euphrates knows no rest. It endures throughout the night, sacrificing the blood of its noble inhabitants. Those people are paying the price for the silence of the Muslims and for the nations of the world who ignore what is going on around them.

More than 700,000 people live in Fallujah, patiently weathering the blockades and the bombings, while the mosques and balconies of their homes are turned into targets for coalition snipers.

The images that people are seeing are inciting them to anger and hatred. It is making them reject the democracy of rockets, of smart bombs and blind soldiers.

The coalition’s aggressive policies are self-destructive. They are persisting obstinately in an error that will lead them nowhere in the long run.

What good is there in those who talk of friendship, freedom, and peace while their actions speak of war, arrogance, and destruction? In this way, they have lost all credibility with the man in the street in Arab and Muslim societies. There is an old Arab adage that goes: “How can I believe you when this is the cut of your axe?”

The Muslims are wondering expectantly about the role of those in America who oppose the war. Such opposition is taking place there on the individual, organizational, and partisan level. They are waiting for the American voting pubic to speak the truth – through their votes – against the oppressive crimes being committed in the name of justice, security, and the preservation of rights.

Likewise, they are waiting for the dissolution of the now fragile coalition and for each of its members to wash their hands of the responsibility for the crimes against humanity that are going on.

They are waiting for their own governments, leaders, scholars, and media figures to speak the truth on behalf of their brethren and to do so with absolute frankness.

The word “fallujah” in Arabic means land that is good for farming. Right now a heroic resolve is growing there that will reap a noble and historic harvest.

Alternatively, “fallujah” means a breakthrough and a victory. This is an optimistic sentiment for those who are so poorly equipped and who are defending their rights, their honor, and their independence against a formidable and heavily-armed adversary.

The prayers of the Muslims go out to those people, asking Allah to help them and grant them success. We must pray in the depths of the night and supplicate while prostrating before our Lord and at the times when our hearts are at their softest and with tears in our eyes petition Him with our grievances.

We must have confidence in Allah’s promise. We must be patient, faithful, and sure in our hearts. We must not lash out at one another in our anger and frustration.

As for Iraqi people, they are resolute people whom we have come to expect will bear their wounds with fortitude and shrug off their sufferings. They must work to ensure their unity and avoid conflict among themselves.

We ask Allah – besides whom there is no God – the Creator of the heavens and the Earth, to protect the Iraqi people and grant them victory.

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Syed Nizam
05-12-2006, 12:04 PM
Letter from the people in Fallujah to stop the killings

14th October 2004

His Excellency Mr. Kofi Annan
Secretary General of the United Nations
New York

Fallujah 14 October 2004

Your Excellency

It is very obvious that the American forces are committing crimes of genocide every day in Iraq. Now, while we are writing to Your Excellency, the American forces are committing these crimes in the city of Fallujah. The American warplanes are dropping their most powerful bombs on the civilian in the city, killing and injured hundreds of innocent people. At the same time their tanks are attacking the city with heavy artillery. As you know, there is no military presence in the city. There had been no actions taken by the Fallujah resistance in recent weeks because the negotiations between representatives of the city and the Government which were going well. In this atmosphere, the new bombardment by America has happened while the people of Fallujah have been preparing themselves for the fast of Ramadan. Now many of them are now trapped under the wreckage of their demolished houses, and nobody can help them while the attack continues.

On the night of the 13th October alone American bombardment demolished 50 houses on top of their residents. Is this a genocidal crime or a lesson about the American democracy? It is obvious that the Americans are committing acts of terror against the people of Fallujah for one reason only: their refusal to accept the Occupation.

Your Excellency and the whole world know that the Americans and their allies devastated our country under the pretext of the threat of WMD. Now, after all the destruction and the killing of thousand civilians, they have admitted that there no weapons were found. But they have said nothing about all the crimes they committed. Unfortunately everybody is now silent, and will not even dignify the murdered Iraqi civilians with words of condemnation. Are the Americans going to pay compensation as Iraq has been forced to do after the Gulf war?

We know that we are living in world of double standards. In Fallujah, they have created a new vague target,: AL ZARQAWI. This is a new pretext to justify their crimes, killing and daily bombardment of civilians. Almost a year has elapsed since they created this new pretext, and whenever they destroy houses, mosques, restaurants, and kill children and women they said "we have launched a successful operation against Al-Zarqawi." They will never say that they have killed him, because there is no such a person. And that means the killing of civilian and the daily genocide will continue.

The people of Fallujah assure you that this person, if he exists, is not in Fallujah and is probably not anywhere in Iraq. The people of Fallujah have announced many times that any person who sees Al-Zarqawi should kill him. Now everybody realises that this man is just a hypothetical hero created by the Americans. At the same time the representative of Fallujah, our tribal leader, has denounced on many occasions the kidnapping and killing of civilians, and we have no links to any groups committing such inhuman behaviour.

Excellency, we appeal to you, and to all world leaders to exert the greatest pressure on the American administration to stop their crimes in Fallujah and withdraw their army far away from the city. The city was very quiet and peaceful when its people ran it. We didn't witness any disorder in the city. The civil administration was going well given its limited recourses. We simply didn't welcome the occupation forces. This is our right according to the UN Charter, international law and the norms of humanity. If the Americans believe in the opposite, they should first resign from the UN and all its agencies before acting in a way contrary to the Charter they signed.

It is very urgent that your Excellency, along with the world leaders, intervenes in a speedy manner to prevent a new massacre.

We have tried to reach your representatives in Iraq, so as to ask them to be more active in this regard, but as you know they are living in the Green Zone where we cannot contact them. We want the UN to be involved in the situation in Fallujah so as to avoid a new massacre.

We have tried to reach you through different channels and by asking our friends to convey this letter to your office in New York or Geneva with the hope that it will reach you. At the same time we appeal to you to urge the UN agencies in Iraq to take an active role in protecting civilians and preventing the new massacre which the Americans and the puppet government are planning to start soon in Fallujah as well as many part of our country.

Best regards.

Kassim Abdullsattar al-Jumaily
The Study Center of Human Rights & Democracy

On behalf of the people of Fallujah and for:
Al-Fallujah Shura Council
The Bar Association
The Teacher Union
Council of Tribes Leaders
The House of Fatwa and Religious Education


05-12-2006, 12:11 PM
Originally Posted by ~Mu'MiNaH~
Sheikh Salman al-Oadah.

We ask Allah – besides whom there is no God – the Creator of the heavens and the Earth, to protect the Iraqi people and grant them victory.

Aamin....Ya Rab Al-'alamin....

Syed Nizam
05-12-2006, 12:11 PM

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05-12-2006, 01:08 PM
Ameen indeed....

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