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View Full Version : the obstacles infront of muslim sisters!

05-12-2006, 03:40 PM

Why is even musli parents try to to discourage their daughters from waearing hijaab, even though they know it stated clearly in the Quran for woman to cover their beauty. I know one should be obedient to ALLAH in all matters but wen ur livign with parents who dont seem to understand the importance of hijaab, for them its sumthing u shud do after marriage. I have to say even my own parents are bit conserved with reagrds to hijaab u get these dialogues of oh ur alreading geeting old n if u waer hijaab ppl will think ur too practising, oh dont ask them thier views about islam when a guys family cums to seee as u might scare them off, especially dont if they pray, even though parents know SALAT is ferd on all muslim not just for elders that happens mostly in many pakistanis i know tat wen they get old theyr start remembering ALLAh.

Its already so hard for muslims sisters to go OUT and about with everyone knowing thery aRE muslim with addtional stress from the parents discouraging them from doing so. R those muslim brothers really worth getting married to who think hijaab is symbol of being too religious/extreme, to be honest ppl who think that are not worth wasting ur time over, I jus Pray INSHALLAh all parents would for one second think wen they die n face ALLAh what would they say that society wouldnt accept them thats y they didnt let thier daughters be practising muslims.

even my own parents say to me u can cover a bit with dupata that u keep pulling over but dont wear hijaab (ie full hair covering) unitl u get married, its really stressful im sure for many sisters who face the same problem, what If she was to die before getting married would the parents be able to save their daughters from ALLAh's anger no ofcourse not.

i am making an effort to wear hijaab even though i havent got the complete support from my family may ALLAh help all muslim sisters in becming strong enough to confront all obstacles that they have to face on the path of ALLAh. I hope INSHALLAH all muslim sisters will get practising muslim husbands who dont only think about the dunya but the akhirah as well, ameen!!


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05-12-2006, 04:14 PM
erm why are ther 2 threads the same?

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