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View Full Version : A Pious and Intelligent Woman from the Banû Isrâ'îl - Short story

05-20-2006, 08:20 PM
The emphasis is on what this story conveys and not on the personalities or defect of those who narrated, translated or compiled it.
The chain of narration would not invalidate the essence of this message.
Thank you.
Muhammad bin Ka‘b relates that there was a great ‘âlim and ‘âbid in the Banû Isrâ'îl. He loved his wife very much. Co-incidentally, she passed away. This
person was so grieved by this that he locked his door and abstained from meeting and conversing with people.

A woman from the Banû Isrâ'îl heard about this so she went to him. She informed those who were guarding the entrance to his house that she wants to ask him a mas'ala and that it can only be asked directly to him. Saying this, she sat down stubbornly by the door. The person was informed of this and eventually permitted her to enter.

She said: "I want to ask you a mas'ala."

He replied: "Go ahead."

She said: "I have a neighbor from whom I borrowed some jewelry. I am wearing it for quite some time now. Thereafter she sent a person asking for her jewelry.
The question I want to ask you is that do I have to give it back to her?"

The ‘âlim replied: "Yes, you have to give it back to her."

The woman replied: "That jewelry was with me for a very long time. How can I give it?"

The ‘âlim replied: "In such a case, you should give it even more happily because it was out of her kindness that she allowed you to use it for such a long time."

When he said this, the woman replied: "May Allah have mercy on you? Why, then, are you so sad? Allah had loaned you something and when He wished, He took it back. (Because) it belongs to Him."

Upon hearing this, the ‘âlim realized his mistake and benefited tremendously from this conversation.

Lesson: Look at how this woman put some sense into this man who was a great ‘âlim. We should also bear this in mind when we encounter any difficulty or calamity. We should also explain this to others.

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05-20-2006, 08:25 PM
great story bro. ppl can take a lot from this.

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