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05-14-2005, 02:51 PM
Islamic Circles Presents:


Date: Saturday 21st May 2005
Time: 2pm - 6pm
Venue: Jagonari Centre, 183-185 Whitechapel Road, London, E1 1DW

Aponi kimba aponar chele othoba meyer biyer bepare bhabsen?
Tahole aj'i amader shathe jugajuj korun ..

Afne kiba afnar fuwa ba furir biyar khotha cintha khorrai ni?
Te ayz amrar loge zugazug khoroin jano ..

Invited guests include: Imam Abul Hussain (East London Mosque),
Br Abu Muntasir (JIMAS), Hafiz Hasan Ali (Darul Uloom, Dewsbury),
Br Shahnawaz Haque (Psychotherapist, MA Cantab)

Looking for a suitable spouse is a difficulty that many Muslims
have been facing in the UK. This problem has become especially
acute in recent years with rising divorce rates, lack of family
contacts, fear of differences, career pressures and an ongoing
struggle to live as Muslims by striking a healthy balance between
cultural and contextual values. Marriage events are one of the
few efforts being made to deal with this issue. However, enough
is not being done, and mosques and Islamic organisations are
failing to address what is increasingly becoming a serious

Despite making up a significant proportion of the UK's Muslim
population, research and experience has shown that Bengalis are
much less likely to attend matrimonial events of the format that
have been arranged so far. There are a number of social and
cultural reasons behind this. For this reason, an event has been
organised specifically for Muslims originating from Bangladesh
or West Bengal. This will be an opportunity for brothers and
sisters to meet in a halal environment. Parents and guardians
are strongly recommended to attend.

People of all statuses are welcome, especially those who are
divorced. Discussions will cover issues affecting Bengalis in
particular, e.g. staying with in-laws, regular cooking of fish,
living in a Council flat or a house, ageism (kuri'te buri hoye
jai, tiri'she dat pore jai!), taboos against divorcees, etc.

Pre-registration is required. No booking means strictly no entry.
This event is not for those who have overstayed their student
visas or are looking to gain residency. Only British citizens,
permanent residents, and their guardians are welcome.

For more information please contact:
Tel: 07092 032 136 / 07092 032 763
E-mail: marriage@islamiccircles.org / islamic_matrimonials@yahoo.com

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