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06-08-2006, 04:49 PM

Hi everyone. hope everthing's well inshaAllah.Tell us about your best experiences at your masjid. it could be about anything.Your Friday experiences, Eid meetings, it could even be tid-bits of some nice sayings that you heard your Imam talk during the Friday lecture. Let's compile a list of good memories.

ok, i'll start first:

Once during a friday lecture, the imam was talking about Obligatory and Sunnah prayers. he made a comparison to numbers. i.e. The Fard(Obligatory) prayers is '1' and the Sunnah prayers you perform, add '0's to it..(rewards) the total can go upto 100 or even 1000 he said. but once you neglect ur fard prayers, its like removing the '1' and all you have is 0>> absolutely worthless... wow! that one still sticks onto my head.

Your Turn! :thankyou:


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06-09-2006, 12:27 AM
When I was much younger, I heard a khutbah whose message stuck with me to this day. It was shortly before Mother's Day, and the imam spoke of the true nature of beauty. The thing that will stick with me is that at one point, he said with great passion, "Brothers, go home today and tell your mother that she is beautiful!" I'm not a brother, but it's advice I try to follow to this day.

06-09-2006, 02:26 PM
last friday during the khutbah...thiis other man had a seizure it ws pretty scaryy he was shaking and stuff...we had to carry him to the back of the masjid neear the emergency exit so the Paramedics can take him. may allah give him shifaa. ameen.

06-09-2006, 03:35 PM
I hate leaving my shoes out side the masjid since they always get lost, so one time i put them in my bag and took them inside and put my bag in front of me in class. No one knew my shoes were there until masjid security woman came and started digging around, then she took out my shoes and started waving them around in front of the whole class. I was so embarassed. Then she started to scream out loud about useless foreighners. :X

Another good memory i have from the masjid is this one time this sheikh came and gave a khutbah about death. Everyone was crying. I was young then so i was going around seeing how this and that person looked when they cried. I was crying too of course, that khutbah was the saddest ever.

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