View Full Version : American EDU vs. Ontario EDU? (debate)

06-11-2006, 04:57 PM

This has always been my curiousoity. Ontario Education system is the most different and difficult one I have seen, it is similar to Tokyo Japan's edu in some aspects of it. After grade 8, you have three actually four to the school I attend. 1.) IB program = international bucclarate (sp?), 2.) Academic Level (University level), 3.) Applied level (College level), 4.) Essiential level (Work place).
Now it is very rare for anyone to get into IB program in my school you need at lease 90% avg from grade 8 and have to look at your extra circcurla work. That program is very rare not many students. Academic level is University level where you have the options to go to work place, college or university . It is the most highest, difficult levels of all in ontario. Similarities are to states system is the AP courses. But even still we are learning great amount stuff that not even ap courses cover and their exams are 1hr30mins long max. University level exams are 3hrs long sometimes 4hrs. And we (university level students) don't even get the credit for it like in states AP students get the college credits! Do you believe that Ontario, Canada education is a bit harsh and way much more better than states? (sorry i am not that familiar with states system at all only with Ontario)

What are your thoughts and debates stuff?


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06-20-2006, 08:04 AM
IB isn't THAT hard, i dunnit... some of hte 'option topics' make it sour,but that's about it.

I got this gut feeling they're all the same stuff....

it's only different in france and the middle east former french colonies where u hav to do 14 subjects and you start specalising in your course fromyear 9!!! :offended: (in zambia or zimbabwe -cant make the difference lol- it was year 8!!) that's so insane...

the british based education systems are all very similar as far as complexity is concerned..

ps: and i'm not all that bright of a person either.. but i got a pretty ok mark..

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