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06-16-2006, 02:39 PM

Or Am I just over reacting...

We have this program at the bank where employees can train for 18 months to become a manager... In each phase of the program they train at different branches.. well this particular person is now at our branch for 3 months...
I have no probs with the guy but......

Yesterday, after getting my hair done, he was walking by my desk and touched my hair twirling it around his fingers... (he was saying it looked nice)
However, I am the type of person who hates people touching me standing within 3 ft of me I just like my personal space especially if it is people i do not know. or associates.
I got pissed and started yelling at him saying no one should touch me and why the hell is he touching my hair... (I flipped i know but i HATE people touching me).
Then later on that day (yesterday) he walked by my desk again and flipped my hair AGAIN!!!! I did the same thing and told him he better stop touching me.. My manager who is also my buddy talked to him and told him that he really shouldnt touch me bc I dont like it and that I will kick his A** if he continues... Well at the end of the day my phone was ringin and I was walking back to my desk (the branch was closed) and he walked by me (which I think he is walking by me on purpose now) and he slapped my bottom with the paper he had in his hand. I FLIPPED OUT AGAIN and told him if He touches me one more time I WILL GET FIRED FOR KICKING HIS A**!! He laughed it off and walked away.
Well I told my boss that she better tell him to back off or else.
This morning I come to work and lo and behold who walks in right after I do... HIM...
I go to my desk and start my computer he walks right over to where I am and puts his hand on the back of my chair. THE OFFICE IS HUGE WITH SPACE ALL AROUND ME YET HE COME AND STANDS NEXT TO ME TOUCHING MY CHAIR!!! I tell him not to touch my chair and to back off and he says like a little child no I am not moving..I am like What THE ****!!!! AT this point I feel my chest tightening and I feel as though I am going to puke... Then he goes what do I disgust you that much!!! I wanted to scream I just got up and walked away... Now every time he sees me it is like he is doing it on purpose to stand next to me... to walk right behind me... to touch my chair... unneccessary closeness... I am going out of my mind that just thinking about it is making my throat very nasty tasting...
SHould I ignore him because he knows it bothers me and he is doing it on purpose or should I really tell him he is a fat disgusting pig who I hate and should die for even thinking of touching me... Well not that but I really hate him touching me...
source: http://www.myislamweb.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5709


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06-16-2006, 03:44 PM

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