View Full Version : Do You Have Weird Habits???

07-01-2006, 04:32 AM

I was talking to my classmates about weird habits just today for some reason!

what weird habits do you all have?

I have some really unusual habits myself..but the weirdest of all are:

-I always peel the label off of soda bottles before i can drink them.
-when i'm taking a test or something big i count the fingers on my left hand in my head lol
-When I am nervous I always scratch my figers and my palm even though they are not itching.
-Like when I am reading a book,magazine or an article or something I always read the last paragraph or sentence before I could start the whole thing.
-I always click my pen lids on and off.
-I prefer to sit on the floor. Couches are sooo uncomfortable!
-Given my "unique" wardrobe, I would be a perfect candidate for the What Not To Wear show.
-I always forget to wear a jacket, socks and closed toed shoes in the winter. My friends say that I "make them cold" by the way I dress.

;D How weird is that????

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