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07-05-2006, 09:15 PM

Is there any Reward for Good - other than Good? (Qur'an 55:60)

"But those who believe and do deeds of righteousness, We shall soon admit to Gardens, with rivers flowing beneath,- their Eternal home: Therein shall they have companions pure and holy: We shall admit them to shades, cool and ever deepening." (Surat Al-Nisaa ayah 57)

How? Who has Allah (SWT) promised this to?

"Be quick in the race for forgiveness from your Lord and for a garden whose width is that (of the whole) of the heavens and of the earth prepared for the righteous." Quran 2:133

Life in Heaven

More beautiful than you could imagine

People in Heaven will be in houses where running water of rivers are under them.

"A home in Heaven, lofty mansions beneath which flow rivers to dwell therein forever" [Qur'an 29:58]

There are gardens of trees, of all types, with the best tastes and appearance.

"There will be two gardens... containing all kinds (of trees and delights); ... In them [each] will be two springs flowing;... In them will be fruits of every kind, two and two... [Qur'an 55:46,48,50,52]

Heaven will be the best for everyone

"There will be there all that the souls could desire, all that the eyes could delight in.." [Qur'an 43:71]

The people in heaven are going to live a happy life without sickness, death, or any other problems. People will not get old. There will be things [food, etc] that the human eye has never seen; that the human ear has never heard; that the heart has never ever felt; that the mind has never thought of.

Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) said: "The people of Heaven eat, drink, and do not defecate , blow their nose, or urinate; but their food is to be burped; and that their smell is like musk..."

Foods of Heaven

Beyond Imagination; A new kind of taste..

The types of plants and fruits of Heaven are better and more than what is found on earth. They are different in nature, chemical composition, and of different taste, flavor, and fragrance.

Fruits, date palm trees, and pomegranate

"In them will be fruits and dates and pomegranates" [Qur'an 55:68]

"Every time they are fed with fruits there-from, they say: Why, this is what we were fed with before, for they are given things in similitude. [Qur'an 2:25]

"Any fruits in abundance, whose season is not limited nor [supply] forbidden.."
[Qur'an 56:32]

People will have fruits of their choice and birds meat of their wish

"And with fruits, any that they may select; and the flesh of fowls, any that they may desire." [Qur'an 56:21]

"And We shall bestow on them, of fruit and mean, anything they shall desire." [Qur'an 52:22]

He will drink Fresh water of springs, rivers of milk, honey, juices, and a mixture of fresh juices.

"Therein are rivers of water unpolluted, and rivers of milk whereof of te flavor changes not, and rivers of fermented liquids delicious to the drinkers, and rivers of clear run honey; therein for them is every kind of fruit..." [47:15]

Liquids will be offered in beautiful glassware

"To them will be passed round, dishes and goblets of gold: There will be there all that the souls could desire, all that the eys could delight in: and you shall abide therein" [Qur'an 43:71]

"Round will be passed to them a Cup from a clear-flowing fountain, Crystal-white, of a taste delicious to those who drink thereof." [Qur'an 37:45-46]

The utensils and servants will be beautiful

"There wait on them immortal youths with bowls, and ewers and cup from a pure spring wherefrom that get no aching of the head nor any madness..." [Qur'an 56:17-19]

There will be a mixture of fruit juices in heaven, they taste like Zanjabil

"There are they watered with a cup whereof the mixture is of Zanjabil, the water of a spring therein, named Salsabil" [Qur'an 76:17-18]

"Their thirst will be slaked with pure, sealed nectar: The seal thereof will be Musk..." [Qur'an 83:25-26]

"Our Lord, we have believed; so forgive us and have mercy upon us, for You are the best of the merciful" [Qur'an 23:109]

Rabana Amanna Faghfirlana warHamna Wa'anta Khayrol Ra-himeen


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07-05-2006, 09:36 PM
:giggling: :giggling: And another one!

This one's about heaven, something I'm dying;D to hear about.

08-08-2006, 06:53 PM
mashallah sisOo thnx for sharing a great post wid us!
Jazakallahu qayran

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