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07-12-2006, 10:43 AM
International Day of Protest: Shut Guantanamo Now!


International Protest Day calls for the end of Guantánamo Bay


The recent tragic death of three detainees whilst detained in Camp Delta has resulted in renewed calls for the facility to be closed down. These men along with hundreds of other innocent people have been arrested unlawfully and detained with neither charge nor trial.

Reports of inhumane treatment and torture of both physical and psychological have been revealed to face detainees daily when imprisoned at the base. The international community along with the UN have persistently called for closure of Guantanamo and regardless of much pressure, very little has been carried out in order to getting any closer to the permanent closure of the base.

On the 15th of July 2006, Cageprisoners as part of the National Guantánamo Coalition along with many supporting organisations has called for an International Day of Protest demanding the closure of the base. The demonstrations call to the end of detention, illegality, torture, deaths and Guantanamo Bay as a whole.

The worldwide demonstrations will be held in the United States, Australia, Yemen, Kuwait and Bahrain. The participation of countries worldwide highlights the coming together of people of all different races and religions in order to protest as one body against Camp Delta, and demand for the detainees to be given their basic human rights.


Meeting Point: Marble Arch, London
Time: 12pm – 4pm
Date: Saturday 15th July 2006.

The demonstration will make its way through central London, passing by the Home and Foreign Offices, and arrive outside the US Embassy where a number of speakers will call for the end to injustice.

For further details, you can download the flyer at:

Supporting organisations include:

The National Guantanamo Coalition, Birmingham Guantanamo Campaign, Cageprisoners, London Guantanamo Coalition, Save-Omar Campaign, Reprieve, Manchester Guantanamo and Belmarsh Campaign, Scotland Against Criminalising Communities, Stop the War, Amnesty International UK, Campaign Against Criminalising Communities, Stop Political Terror, Islamic Human Rights Commission, 1990 Trust, Islamic Forum Europe, Hizb-ut-Tahrir UK, Muslim Safety Forum, Young Muslim Organisation UK, Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK, British Muslim Initiative, Muslim Association of Britain, Muslim Directory, Muslim Voices

Contact: Asim Qureshi
Email: asim.q@cageprisoners.com

London: 0044 (0) 7973264197
Birmingham: 00447721427690
Brighton: 00447796478421
Manchester: 00447808173031


Vigil, Noon-2pm
Washington Square Park, NYC
(Northern end, under the arch)

Organised by: St Mary's Church, The Riverside Church Global Justice and Peace Ministry, The Center for Constitutional Rights, Witness Against

If you are not in New York, consider organizing a vigil or demonstration in your own community.

On our website, we have a list of ten things you can to in the work to
Shut Down Guantanamo. http://www.witnesstorture.org/what_you_can_do

For more information on the NYC action or for help in organizing
something in your local community:

Contact : Centre for Constitutional Rights
Email: ebetru@ccr-ny.org
Number: 001 2126146477

Contact: Witness Torture
Email: frida.berrigan@gmail.com
Number: 001 3476834928



Starting from Flinders St Station Steps, Melbourne

Contact: Civil Rights Defence (www.civilrightsdefence.org)
Number: 0061 418897504 or 0061 407856628


12 noon, Sydney Town Hall
Please wear orange clothing if you can.

Contact: Canterbury-Bankstown Peace Group and Justice for Hicks and Habib
Email: mlobeid@hotmail.com
Number: 0061 2401758871


Sit-in, in front of Parliament
Sana'a, Yemen

Contact: HOOD (www.hoodonline.org)
Email: info@hoodonline.org
Number: 00967 1 212518


Details forthcoming


Details forthcoming


Details forthcoming

Click here to download internationalprotest.jpg

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