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07-26-2006, 02:43 AM
Just share with me your definition of success...
Please bare in mind...this is only the definition of success...and is not about your dreams or ambition.

I'm sorry mama...as i don't agree with your definition of success...(being rich, respected, with a degree and a practising muslim --- and i don't think it matches) :heated:

1. being rich - well...IMHO, you can be rich...but what is rich and wealthy if you are selfish, lavish and extravagant. My mom will say..."you spend as you please...and at the same time you can always 'sadaqah' and help others". My reaction will be..."but mama...how can you spend as you please...when there are so many poor and helpless people in this world."

i want to be rich...but i only want to live humbly in moderation.

source : http://www.islamicvoice.com/october.2001/hadith.htm

The Prophet’s wife, Aisha, says of him: “God’s messenger was never offered a choice between two alternatives over matters of this world without choosing the easier one, unless the easier choice be sinful. In that case, he kept furthest away from it. God’s messenger never sought revenge for himself, unless it be something which violates what God has consecrated. In that case, he sought to set the record straight for God’s sake.” (Related by Al-Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawood and Malik).

The second sentence in this Hadith tells us that wealth is not that important in the Islamic view. God gives wealth to believers and non-believers, to those He loves and to those He does not love. So, when we see a man who is very wealthy, his wealth does not signify that he is dearer to God. Nor is a poor person less favoured by God. The Prophet tells us: “Had this world (and all its riches) been worth even the span of one wing of a mosquitoin God’s sight, not a glass of water would He have allowed of it to any non-believer.” If this world and all its riches are so worthless in God’s view, then being wealthy does not mean that one is favoured or loved by God. It is faith with which God favours those whom He loves. Faith gives a person a good character and respect in his community. This is due to the fact that when one has faith, one tries his best to behave well with others, improve his manners and adhere to moral values. That is bound to earn him the love and respect of everyone.

That is true wealth which is indicative of God’s favour. Faith places certain requirements on people. They are supposed to sacrifice their money and their lives for God’s cause. Yet such a sacrifice does not come so easy to all people. Man is sometimes governed by his narrow view of this world. He finds it difficult to part with his money, even for a good cause. He may slacken when he is called upon to join a campaign of jihad. He may prefer to rest at night and finds it difficult to wake up in the middle of the night in order to stand up for worship. When a person shows such reluctance, that does not take him out of the realm of faith altogether. He is still a believer, but his motives have not been refined enough by his faith. The Prophet prescribes for him that he should repeat praises of God. By doing so, he reminds himself of his position in this world and that he is totally dependent on God. He remembers that God has given him so much of His grace that he should always be thankful. He may remember that when he fulfills his duty and sacrifices his wealth and shows his readiness to sacrifice his life, God will give him more. That may come in this world or in the next life.

2. being respected

I do not want to teach my children to gain respects and love from the human beings. If they do...i'm sure they will never be happy living in this world. I'm sure all of you have come to know that, gaining respects and love from the human beings are difficult and stresnuous.

My children should learn to gain respects, favour, mercy and love only from Allah. And they will have peace in their heart and their soul...and InsyaAllah...they will be happy and contented. :statisfie:

3. having a degree

I know it is important to have an education. But having a degree is not the only way...(eventhough i already graduated, i don't really think this is a proof of a success...this problem actually occur when i'm getting married, coz my mom wanted me to marry off to someone that has a degree) :sister:

and lastly...my definition of success.

1. Being loved and blessed by Allah...every second of my life. :Thankyou:
2. In high iman and taqwa
3.To be surrounded with happy family members that practise islam in every way.
4. To be able to make my family members and the ummah happy and contented.
5. To be a 'solihah' wife, daughter and mother.

(I think that should be enough...if i want to add more i'll add later hehe)

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07-28-2006, 09:07 AM
Sucess to me is the heart at peace, a sound heart.

so let it be in your deen and worshipping your lord, if you do it well and constantly remeber Allah, your hearts at peace, the shaytaans whispers are not as much...
In wealth, if your obtaining your wealth in a halaal way, again you find peace in your heart,
the prophet said "al ithm maa 7aaka fee sadrik" sin is what speaks in your chest....a sound heart knows its doing good, so doesn't get mixed thoughts and feelings...
even if your wealth isn't abundant...if you find peace in your heart and content, to me thats success.
i guess in all other matters if you're at peace then alhamdulillah thats real success...
also Allah says in the qur'aan about the day of judgement "yawma la yanfa3u maalun wa laa banuun, illa man ata Allaha bi galbin saleem"
the day that wealth and children won't be of benefit, except for he who comes with a sound heart"

07-28-2006, 09:25 AM

Being alive. Being able to repent.

07-28-2006, 09:26 AM
success, to believe in laa illaha illalah and stay on the straight path through life


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Ameeratul Layl
07-28-2006, 10:27 AM

1.To remain on siratul mustaqeem.
2.To help those less fortunate than myself
3.To achieve what I aim for
4.To gain than what I can aim for


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