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07-27-2006, 02:39 PM
how can u teach yourself Islam on your own?

can you learn the Quran , without any teacher?

how can u learn anything without any source, which is still from a scholar/teacher?

how can you claim, that Islam is taught within a book u pick from the shelf, and i am not talking about the Quran....and still u learn math, and sciences from a teacher?

what do u think?


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07-27-2006, 03:23 PM

It depends on the level of islam u want ot learn or the depth of islamic knowledge u want to dive into. I can read a book by a scholar and get his point of views about a topic..and hence learn something about islam....but if i were to meet him and get to question him abotu it..then that would help to enhance my education.

Traditionally Islamic knowledge is something thats handed down from person to person, generation to generation. While u may gain knowledge from a book...u really need someone to explain certain things. How do u know that the book u got is valid? or the hadith that the book quotes are authentic? this is where the scholars come into play. Whilst a book may have a certain point, further discussions on that point often help one to uderstand more.

The true scholars of islam would have laerned directly from a teacher by living with or near him and observing his daily life and activites. This is the example of our beloved Muhammad (saw). He taught his companions by setting the examples, by being on hand to answer questions and give aprroval or dis approval about certain things. ANd who best to emulate than our Prophet (saw) and then his righteous companions?

In the case of learning Quran without a teacher...how can u be sure your pronounciation of the arabic is accurate? You may listen to a tape and try to imitate it, but can u recite and listen at the same time?

If u have no access to a learned person what so ever...then i guess u have no chioce but to go ahead and learn from books, tapes etc.. but other wise....seek a teacher.

Assalamu alikum

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