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08-02-2006, 08:23 AM
:sl: Brothers and Sisters

I have seen two kinds of Tashuud's (Atyhiyat's)

I have been looking in the internet for the one below for a long time. but couldnt find it now i finally found it.

its a bit different from the other one that i was taught.

At-tahiyâtu ’l-mubârakâtu wa ’ s-salawâtu ’t–t ayyibâtu lillâh as-salâmu ’alayka ayyuha ’n-Nabiyyi wa rahmatu ’Llâhi wa barakâtuh as-salâmu ’alaynâ wa ’alâ ’ibâdi Llâhi ’s–sâlihîn ash-hadu al-lâ ilâha ill Allâh wa anna Muhammadan rasûlu ’Llâh.

Allâhumma salli ’alâ Muhammad ’abdika wa rasûlika an-Nabiyyi ’l-ummiyy wa ’alâ âli Mu hammedin wa azwaâjihi wa dhurriyatihi kamâ sallayta ’alâ Ibrâhîma wa ’alâ âli Ibrâhîma innaka hamîdun majîd wa bârik ’alâ Muhammadin ’abdika wa rasûlika an-Nabiyyi ’l-ummiyy wa ’alâ âli Mu hammedin wa azwaâjihi wa dhurriyatihi kamâ bârakta ’alâ Ibrâhîma wa ’alâ âli Ibrâhîma fi ’l-’âlamîna innaka hamîdun majîd.


The one below is one that most people that i know use.
but half of my family uses the one on the top.

At-Tahiy-yatu lil-lahi was-salawatu wat-tay yibatu, As-Salamy 'alika ay-yuhan-nabiy-yu wa rahma tullahi wa barakatu, As salamu 'alayna wa 'ala 'ibadil-la his-saliheen , Ash hadu al la ilaha illal lahu, wa ash hadu an-na Muhammadan 'abduhu wa rasuluh

Allah humma sal-li 'ala Muhammadin wa 'ala aali Muhammadin, Kama sal-layta 'ala Ibraheema wa 'ala aali ibraheema innaka hameedum majeed, wa barik 'ala Muhammadin wa 'ala aali Muhammadin, Kama barakta 'ala Ibraheema wa 'ala aali ibraheema innaka hameedum majeed

i posted this on another site and didnt get any comments or answers.
so i decided to post it here and see what happends.

there are two parts to each of them as u can see.
im not sure if i should use all of it or half for which salats?

Jazakumullah Kair

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