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08-08-2006, 06:32 PM

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[PIE]Annan says law is being broken

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August 9, 2006


THE United Nations Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, has said that the war in Lebanon "appeared to fit a pattern of violations of international law" and singled out the July 28 bombing of a civilian house in Qana, in which 28 to 54 people are reported to have died.

He called for a "comprehensive" investigation into the incident.

Since Hezbollah triggered the conflict with a border raid on July 12, Israeli aircraft have attacked not only Lebanon's vital infrastructure but also homes, fleeing refugees, relief convoys and Red Cross ambulances, killing hundreds of people with precision-guided weapons.

The UN said the Israeli Defence Force has told it that UN engineers risk being attacked by Israeli aircraft if they try to repair bridges or causeways linking the Tyre region to the rest of Lebanon.

The region's sole humanitarian link to the outside world was closed by Israeli bombing two days ago, and international aid groups in Lebanon say the army has refused to promise it will not attack their relief convoys in the area, forcing them to halt operations.

The south was in effect under Israeli blockade, Richard Huguenin, a spokesman for the International Committee of the Red Cross, said.

"What do we do next?" Mr Huguenin asked. "We are getting phone calls from isolated areas in the south close to the border from people who need food and medicines."

Many people, especially the old and vulnerable, remained in the area, he said, and there was an urgent need to set up at least one humanitarian route that Israel would promise not to attack.

"The lifeline must be made to this part of the country. It is under blockade, no ships coming in, and the roads are blocked," he said.[/PIE]

The truth is clear of how in Palestine and Lebanon the Isreali are deying the law to their own end.
In the name of their peace,their self defense they make preemtive stikes not only on civillian but on world bodies such as red cross,the UN and other aid organoisation.

But what has this done?

the UN is held back from doing what need to be done due to the US and western pwoer who wish Israel to be safe.

And yet again the muslim world and its leaders seek the aid of these very westerner who are sending weapons to Israel to murder Arabs.

Is there logic to this?
Why dont the Arabs coutnries as one stop using the US dollars?
Why dont the arab coutnries especailly Egypt and Sauid Arabia and Jordan abandon Israel?

These US aided Arab/muslim coutnries are now said to be in a very precarious postion due to support of Israel and US,but what about the people themselves? Do they care ?

Yes they do,but do they care enough to fight?

As some hyprocrites here say,we should be peaceful and not fight,we should follow the Prophet Muhammad saw ,he entered Mecca 10 000 strong and forgave all and lived in peace.

But in that very line they forget,Islam came in power,in power was justice and forgiveness dispenced.

Just like in Palestine,when some palestinian snithed on the warriors for "isrealis promised peace,once the fighter are gone" and when the fighters are gone,the torture became worse.

And now they regret their action,but too late..too late...
The current situation is due to muslim betraying muslim,back biting ,snithching and so on.
So this will continue for the forces outside and the hyprocrites inside weaken us to the resolve.
But Inshallah,man may paln but Allah is the best of Planners.

May Allah awaken the ummah towards it duties.

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08-08-2006, 11:37 PM
Since Hezbollah triggered the conflict with a border raid on July 12,
Not an irrelevant fact.

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