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View Full Version : WANTED: Muslim websites who want to offer Free Classifieds

08-09-2006, 06:27 PM

LooKera.com has launched a new Free Classfieds section that is free for users.

We would like to invite websites that are run by Muslims to share our classifieds section, the section would have:
1 - your logo
2 - ALL links back to your website
3 - you can have it so that it opens in new window from your website
(without the address bar if needed).

The free classifeds is built in that it can be shared by many websites,
see examples below:


Sharing (having a common) classifeds section will mean everyone shares the content, a good way to increase traffic for your website and provide content for your web visitors.

Muslim website owners please contact LooKera.com if you are interested in adding this Free Classfieds service to your website.

You can also contact us directly at http://www.lookera.com/axpage/contact.

Web Users:
Please visit http://www.lookera.com/axfreeclassifieds/lookera/ to advertise for free (private and business).

Thank you.



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