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08-25-2006, 02:11 PM
Imagine it to be the tenth year of Prophet hood..
And Rasulallah (saw) is walking towards Ta’if
From the Quraish of Makkah – Most have rejected him
So he turns his sight towards Ta’if
And he walks Miles upon miles..
For the sake of Allah (swt)..
For the sake of YOU AND I..
On his lips flows the words..
And beside him is a beautiful young man..
By the name of Zaid bin Harithah
A wise one who chose to be with Muhammad (saw)..
Over his Own Blood

And when he reaches his destination
He confides with the chieftains
Telling them to worship ALLAH
Telling them to FORSAKE their idols
But they say ‘what is this’?
And they ridicule and abuse him,
And they mock DARINGLY

But Muhammad Is Allah (swt)’s messenger
And he knows what they do not,
So he continues in his plight,
While they continue to Mock,
So difficult a task for them,
To believe in his signs.

They stir up his departure..
They stone him..
Yes they stone the beloved..
The beloved of Allah (swt),
They Pelt him until
There is blood running down his blessed legs,
And what was the crime of Rasullallah (saw),
It was simply to save them From Athaabun Naar
The hellfire..
They the kaafir, shameless and heedless,
Chase him for miles,
Until he reaches a fruitfarm…

There tired and exhausted,
He rests against the wall of a vineyard,
At a time when the whole world..
Seems to have turned against him..
The beloved turns to who else,
But the ar rahman ar raheem

There he supplicates
A beautiful supplication..
‘O ALLAH to u alone..
I complain of my weakness..
And as Long As you are not
Angry with me
Then I do not care..’


Then amongst his distress,
Comes to him..
A Christian servant called Addas..
Offering him grapes..
And with pious invocation..
Does the messenger say..
Bismillah ~ IN THE NAME OF ALLAH..

Addas stares impressed saying.
‘These are words people around here
do not generally use’
So the Prophet (saw) asks
‘What land are you from?
And what is your religion’?
Addas replies saying...
‘I am Christian from Nineveh’
upon this Does the Messenger say
Verily this is the land of Yunus (as)..
Once again startled..
The simple christian slave enquires..
About how Muhammad (saw) knows Jonah
Since Few know ..
about this righteous prophet

Muhammad Smiles and says..
‘He is my brother..
he was a prophet and so am I’
Upon this the slave kisses the head.
The hands, the feet..
Of the beloved (saw) and believes in him
And while he came as a slave of a Makkan man
Addas leaves as a slave of Allah

Allahu Akbar..

Heartbroken at the majority..
Rejecting the truth
Does Muhammad (saw) make his way
Back to Makkah
On his way he meets Gibril (as)
Along with the angel of the mountains..
Who says If you wish
I will cause these Mountains to fall
Upon the people Of Ta’if
The people who rejected him,
Mocked him,
Tormented him..
And Physically harmed him..

But Muhammad (saw) says..
‘No.. Maybe their offspring will testify..
to Laillaha illalah’

Allahu Akbar..
Our messenger had no care for revenge
He cared for the deen
He worried that it may not reach us
So he strived in this cause..

And because of his patience
Did the message reach us..
You and me..
So then why?

Why do we take this ..
Laillaha illallah
For granted?
When so Many died for this cause..

So lets hold fast to the religion
Of Ibrahim (as)
And let us be true believers..

Peace be upon Muhammad and his Family

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08-25-2006, 09:11 PM

08-25-2006, 09:15 PM
Did you write this yourself? Whatever it is, it's a good iman booster!

‘O ALLAH to u alone..
I complain of my weakness..
And as Long As you are not
Angry with me
Then I do not care..’

08-27-2006, 01:13 PM
Originally Posted by Fishman
Did you write this yourself? Whatever it is, it's a good iman booster!


no i never wrote it one of a sister on another site sent me this through p'm cause of my depression :cry:

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