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09-12-2006, 03:16 PM
What Would The Prophet Muhammad Do? Or What Should You Do?

As you know, we have all been witness to many letters written about the cartoons that the Danish newspaper published and which other countries deliberately and defiantly republished. There were two main stances that the publishers took.

1. Freedom of speech: We are free to say whatever we like about whoever we like.

2. Religions can't impose on us what we can or can't do.

Strangely or not so strangely nobody noticed the fact that the same law of freedom of speech was not invoked when the Iranian leader made his famous comments. And nothing strange about the fact that no religion was imposing anything on the godless, atheistic, secular West. It was they who were imposing on all religions in general (there was one cartoon with icons of Hindu, Christian and Buddhist deities as well) and on Islam in particular and yet crying 'wolf' as it were.

The Muslim responses in terms of letters have had only one common note:

1. What would the Prophet (SAS) himself have done if someone had made a cartoon about him or attempted to revile or insult him?

And the writers have then proceeded to say what they thought the Prophet (SAS) would have done drawing on the many stories where people did try to harm him in one way or the other and his reaction of not retaliating but praying for their guidance.

In my view, the issue here is not about what RasoolAllah (SAS) would have done. It is about what we, who claim to be his Ummah and who claim to love him, should do. The example of this is that if someone were to insult your father, he himself may choose to remain silent. But if you also remained silent what would that say about you? The Prophet (SAS) is not our father. He is more than our father and mother combined for all our generations, gone and yet to come.

The question therefore is not about him. It is about you and me.

Now let us try to understand what the West is really attempting to do here. Anyone who really thinks that this is about so-called freedom of speech is really either someone who has no political perspective at all or is fooling himself.

Just ask yourself this simple question: Why is it that the Danish newspaper published these cartoons and even more importantly why is it that France, Italy and others republished them and then refused either to withdraw them or to apologize for doing this act?

The answer is also very simple: This is a test. To see what the Muslims will do if someone actually attacks their Prophet (SAS).

My brothers and sisters, it is my own experience in life that there is one thing about the Muslims that is unique to them. No matter how bad a Muslim one may be; no matter how little that person may practice Islam, if anyone attacks the person (or memory) of the Prophet (SAS) this non-practicing, sinning Muslim would stand up in defense of the Prophet (SAS) even if it meant that he would personally be in danger. Alhamdulillah, the protests around the world tell me that this nature of the Muslim is still the same.

And why is this the only reaction of anyone who claims to be Muslim?

Imagine that you are in the Madina of RasoolAllah (SAS) and in the middle distance you can see the Prophet (SAS) himself sitting in the shade of a tree. Then as you watch him, you see a man come up to him and hit him.

I ask you what will you do??

It is not about what the Prophet (SAS) will do. It is about what you will do. It is about asking yourself, what Omar ibn Al Khattab (RA) would do. Or Abu Bakr, Omar, Osman, Ali, Talha, Zubair (Radhiallahu anhum ajmaeen) would do.

So don't tell me what the Prophet (SAS) would do if someone attacked him. Tell me what you would do if someone attacked the Prophet (SAS).

That, my brothers and sisters, is a measure of your imaan.

Now let us ask why the West chose this particularly obnoxious stance at this particular time.

So what is peculiar about this time?

First there was Afghanistan, the result of the cleverly instigated drama of the WTC. If you recall (our memories are often very short) just before America decided to fulfill its goal of attacking Afghanistan, the culmination of the WTC strategy; there was much trepidation about the possible reaction of the worldwide Muslim community if Afghanistan was attacked. The US then decided to take the risk. And then they loed and beheld that nothing happened that was out of the ordinary. There were some protests in the Middle East (so what's new??); some in the US and UK (these leftists and others will always scream, so who cares??) and some buses were burnt in Pakistan (well, tell me about it!!!). Some noises were made by Musharraf (our guy) and Saudi Arabia (well, you see they gotta say it) and that was it. After all, while they made the noises, the same leaders allowed the Americans to use their land and water to destroy their own brothers in Afghanistan for no reason other than that they wanted to practice Islam. Sure the West did not like their version of it. But then they were not asking the West to practice it, were they? They wanted to practice it themselves.

But was it about Islam at all? Or was it because it was the Brazilians and not Americans who were given the gas and oil pipeline contracts?? Aah!! Well anyway the long and short of it is that in the general Muslim world, nothing happened.

Then came Iraq. Notice that this time there was no fearful anticipation of any reaction. The attackers knew that Muslims don't care what happens to other Muslims. At least they don't care enough to do anything significant. Afghanistan, Iraq, Gujarat, all proved that. The non-reaction to Palestine has been proving that for 50 years. So America went into Iraq without so much as a by your leave, to the UN.

Now there is Iran on the horizon and Syria behind it.

So what do the thinkers do? They say to themselves: "Well you know, we have proved that Muslims don't care what happens to other Muslims. This whole Ummah thing is a fantasy. No matter that their God and His Prophet emphasized it. Muslims today don't remember or care about that. But let us now do the final test. These chaps have always been sensitive about their Prophet. So let us do what has not been done since the Crusades. Let us revile their Prophet and see what they do. That will tell us how far we can really go with them." And so the cartoons.

So you see, it is about us today. Not about the Prophet (SAS) at all.

We need to see things in perspective my brothers and sisters.

As for those who advocate turning the other cheek. Well, there will always be those. But let us also remember that there is something particularly pathetic about a nation that puts personal safety, comfort and luxury above honor.

And remember O Muslims, your honor is the honor of RasoolAllah (SAS). If his honor is attacked, your honor is attacked. Anyone who tells you differently, is a liar, cheat or a coward who has forgotten that one day he will stand before Allah and look at the face of RasoolAllah (SAS).

May Allah give us the courage to live with honor.

For in the words of Tipu Sultan (RA) when he was offered his life and kingdom in exchange for British overlordship: "A day in the life of a tiger is worth more than a thousand years in the life of a jackal."

Take your pick. You know who you are best.

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