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Phoenix CG
09-17-2006, 11:22 PM

I would like to thank everybody for encouraging me to write these articles inshaAllah, they may or may not be helpful to you. JazakaAllah for the support and for reading these.

21st Century Muslims Unite the Muslim World

Catchy title? Every single Muslim from every corner of the earth has been dreaming of unity in the Muslim world, but the question that is hitting them nowadays is, is this dream possible? Surely with so many negative entities, bad leaders, growing negative potrayal of muslims in the media, very little control on the economy and much more problems that are not favouring our community. So what is the answer? You're probably asking...well the answer alhamdullilah is yes, it is possible. How? Well that is even more simple, the power lies in the muslim community.

In the previous articles title, "Empowering Muslims in the Light of the Media" & "The Sleeping Media Giant", We looked at the effect the media has and how it can empower Muslims in the coming age, how citizen journalism is the key forward to pushing our message of peace around the world, to remove misconceptions and lies about Islam that the Zionist media have instilled into the minds of people around the world.

In this article we will look over the power of the economy, and what role business plays. In the West money is power, and where money lies, they tend to follow. The pressure from people who run the economy can have an immense amount of power on decisions made in the political scene. The economy is run by many businesses, many of these businesses are run by jewish, Zionist supporting businessmen and women

You may have heard about boycotting israel, how many companies fund israel, well lets take a look at some of those companies:

  • AOL Time Warner
  • Apax Partners & Co LTD
  • Coca Cola
  • Danone
  • Delta Galil
  • Disney
  • Estee Lauder
  • IBM
  • Kimberely Clark
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Lewis Trust Group LTD
  • L'Oreal
  • Marks & Spencers
  • Nestle
  • News Corporation
  • Nokia
  • Revlon
  • Sara Lee
  • Selfridges
  • The Limited Inc
  • Home Depot
  • Intel
  • Starbucks
  • Timberland
  • McDonalds
  • Arsenal FC

Now that is an absolutely huge list and please bare in mind, they have other brands under those corporations. You're probably thinking, Disney?! Is this guy mad?! Well a short reminder for everyone, remember the arab voice overs in the cartoons, maybe some of the arab characters, well why is it, they were always potrayed as evil? These companies really do support israel. And we all know what Israel does. Kill Palestinians and cause an imbalance of power in the Middle East. A root cause to many of the problems seen around the Muslim world.

Taking a look at some of the quotes:

"... We would also challenge them to consider that AOL allocates 30% of its investment portfolio in Israel. Does that effect how CNN reports on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict? At NileMedia, we think it does. The "spin" wizards at CNN, TIME and AOL are not in the journalism business. ..."

Timberland - Jeffrey Swartz
"Did I come here as a Jew and as the CEO of Timberland? Yes. Might my board of directors say to me - what are you doing giving an interview to The Jerusalem Post expressing such strong feelings? Sure. But I owe this to my children, to my family, to you, and to the nation of Israel," he said.

It might seem like it's impossible to boycott some of those products, they are all around us. And I agree, I find it hard too.

But what can be done?

Taking steps towards building a muslim run economy. Muslims getting involved in business is very important for the development and moving forward of muslims in the 21st century. Imagine buying muslim products, and instead of your money going towards the killing of palestianians and the fueling of problems in the middle east, they go to fund the muslim world, helping these peaceful people in developing, uniting and bring peace to the whole Muslim world and liberating women from the oppressive western media that depicts them as sexual objects, but that is another subject.
I think we all agree that this will help resolve a lot of the problems our muslim nations are facing. It certainly would. No longer will the muslim nations be dependant on the western countries but they will be thankful to their muslim brothers and sisters in creating businesses to assist the muslim world and drive the economy forward.

The problem we currently face is that these muslim companies are not established, MuslimGlobe will inshaAllah, try to help in any way we can to assist entrepreneurs, young or old, help the development of their business ideas, we have the community to push them forward, into markets across the world.
Not only is it just the development of the idea, muslims must stick to the quran and sunnah and practice these in there business ethics, only then will we be successful. We also urge all of you to support us, as our efforts are to unite the muslim world and to help muslims practically in media, business and other fields. By joining us, you are supporting us. And we are not asking for you to put your hands into your pockets, simply sign up to our site inshaAllah.

Jewish American Business People:

Many of these Jewish American business people are billionaires. The effect on world politics would be much more different if this list was of Muslim billionaires in the United Kingdom, USA and the Muslim world. Will the muslim world be dependant on western states? Will they suck up to western states to assist them and do whatever the West want them to do? I don't think so. They will listen to the muslim business people, how to develop their nations into prospering states, they will pay attention to the needs of the muslim people.

This is all in the power of the citizens, inshaallah I hope that we take advantage of the situation we are in today with the digital age and demand for islamic products, providing alternatives for zionist products, if we can create a strong community, you will have your consumers right under your nose, Muslims all over the UK and USA will be wanting to use your products. We will later look into how to make the business successful in the environment that we are living in today.

JazakaAllah khair
AJ Hideki

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