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View Full Version : salaam check this out guys, its for real, worthy campaign

Phoenix CG
10-09-2006, 02:32 PM
salaam hope you're well, basically what we are doing is paying people 15 quid a month inshaAllah to take part in our program, it only takes 5 minutes of ur time everyday, if not less. We'll pay you after every 4 months, so thats £60 for four months.

What do we do with the money generated?

1. We will obviously give you, your £15.00 a month paid on 4 month basis.
2. We will put money into creating a muslim media network.
3. Help build a professional online education system.
4. Interest Free Loans out to Muslim Startup businesses with viable business plans. (Must have plans to help islamic economic growth and help fight poverty).
5. To create a communication platform that connects all muslims onto a large network.

This will all help to create a basic islamic infastructure to drive the muslims forward.

All of this for just 5 minutes of your time a day, this is really something worth it, you get your money and we help the future of muslims.

If you are interested join up using this link:

And then PM AJ Hideki and tell him you are interested and he will give you access to the hidden forum with all the rules and everything. How it works etc. It's really simple and you get paid for doing pretty much nothing, and helping the muslims, it's a win win situation. This is for real, also if you refer more people you are in a chance to win a prize inshaAllah. :D
Take care


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