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View Full Version : Three Magic Words In Trading

10-14-2006, 10:28 PM
Bill Myers

The first time I used these three words I ended up owning the equipment and furnishings of a fast food restuarant. Another time I acquired an auto salvage yard (for 1 day). And later on, the use of these three words rewarded me with seven gold Krugerands.
The three magic words? - "interesting trades considered"

Including these three magic words in a classified ad for almost any item for sale (but especially with higher priced items like cars, boats, homes, computers, office equipment) almost guarantees your ad will get some pretty interesting responses.

When you include these magic words in your ad, you will be contacted by people who are 'cash poor', but have valuable items they no longer want, and are often happy to trade for the item you have (which they do want). Sometimes these people will even offer to trade a more valuable item and throw in cash to boot, just to get the item you have (it happens all the time).

Even if you are not a seller, look for ads including the 3 magic words. You may find someone offering an item you want, and are willing to take something you have in as trade.

The 3 magic words - they can open doors for both buyers and sellers.

Use it.....:D

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