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11-14-2006, 04:50 PM
It's a story in a lecture by Muhammad Al Shareef, and I love it, it made me shivver when I first heard it so I thought I might aswell share it here.

The lecture is about Jesus peace be upon him.

Now brother Muhammad says, that there used to be this brother who only knew a small number of chapters, and they him why, and the brother basically said that he does not memorise a new chapter until he has told everyone what the lastest chapter that he has memorised from the Qu'ran means, so he would go round to his neighbours and so on and tell them 'I learnt this from the Qu'ran'

So one day he was on the bus, and he was explaning to everyone, Surah Al Ala, and he started explaining and on the bus there was a Christian lady who was getting angry, and her angry became more and more sever as he kept reciting verses, until he got to the end the last verse, and he was about to recite it, and just then the Christian woman got up and said:

"Everything single thing that your saying is inthe Bible already!"

And those who know surah Al Ala know what the last verses say, Ina Hadha Lafis Suhufil Ula. And their words clicked.

Just as she had s aid that everything that heh as been saying is in the Bible, he recited Allah's words mentioning that the above (i.e. the verses he had recited just before) are to be found in the scriptures of Old!!

Imagine that!

And then aparently the whole bus went silent and so on.

What a great story, MashaAllah

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