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11-15-2006, 06:38 PM
to get a job if you're living in the west and Muslim??? or maybe just the brothers with big beards or sisters who have hijaab...it might be a broad question but I was just wondering what your views are, or whether you've experianced something to support or go against the this.

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11-15-2006, 06:52 PM
Assalmualikum warhmathullahi warbarakathuhu

well Akhi i was a christain when i got me first ever job as an teacher in a primary school graduated to a secondry school it was quiet hard because you need to have good expectations i mean you need confidence && be mature before you can get a job, but Alhamdulillah am working in a Breavement Centre (Advicer) && subhnallah i got this job 3 half years ago love it, when i reverted i started to wear a Hijab (but i don't wear it at all times) but Alhadulillah am starting to wear it all times now, but anywho i don't think it's hard getting a job with a hijab nor a beard but you also need to think how the manager is like i mean were i work there are more christains but few muslims but Mashallah my Collegues allow me to wear hijab && also at salah time i am allowed to go in a peace room (as i can't pray due to my illness) i have to sit there on a chair facing the Qiblah with right intention, Alhamdulillah they are safe with that.

all i can say is you need to have confidence i mean soo many peeps whom have got a beard && wear hijabs are working am sure it's not hard, you just need to have confidence

do me a favour remember me in your Du3'ah, shukran

walikumassalm warhmathullahi warbarakathuhu

11-15-2006, 08:39 PM
Yes, in general i would be inclined to say it is due to stigma many associate with Islam.

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