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11-24-2006, 12:00 PM
In the Name of Allaah, the Most Merciful, the Bestower of that Mercy; may the peace and blessings be upon our Messenger, Muhammad, his family and his companions and all of those who follow him in righteousness until the Last Day.

As to what proceeds:

"...take a set portion from the Qur.aan everyday"
*Please appropriately reference this quote to: www.fatwa-online.com, thankyou!*
Concerning the Imaam, the Shaykh - 'Abdul-'Azeez ibn Baaz (rahima-hullaah), Shaykh ‘Abdul-‘Azeez ibn Muhammad ibn Daawood narrates:

“I used to walk with the Shaykh (rahima-hullaah) from Jaami’ al-Imaam Turkee ibn ‘Abdullaah to his house, and he asked me about my Qur.aan recitation. So I told him that I read it from time to time, but I don’t have a specific amount which I read everyday. So he directed me to take a set portion from the Qur.aan everyday, even if it is a little. This is because whoever has a set daily portion will (in time) complete the Qur.aan, however, whoever does not have a set (daily) portion, then he could complete the Qur.aan very quickly, or many months may pass whereby he would not have completed the Qur.aan.

He then gave me an example, saying:

“Whoever reads an entire juz (part) daily, then he will complete the Qur.aan in a month, and whoever reads two juz (daily, will complete the Qur.aan) in fifteen days and so on”.”

Mawaaqif madhee.ah fee hayaat al-Imaam 'Abdul-'Azeez Ibn Baaz - Page 25

With the above-stated, I like to remind you and myself that today is the 3rd of Dhul-Qada, maa shaa Allaah. So, in shaa Allaah then we can start to recite one juz (part) of the Qur'aan before midnight...then tomorrow part two, then so forth and so on, as Allaah wills. May Allaah help us to be consistent in that which pleases Him, for surely, the deed that is done consistently and small is more beloved to Allaah than the one tremendous deed done once. May Allaah forgive us.

juz' ath-thaalithu (part 3) starts: surah al-baqarah: 253 & ends: surah al-'emraan: 92.

may Allaah bless you and help us.

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11-26-2006, 09:12 PM
today, by the Permission of Allaah, is the 5th of thul-qada. so, if you can, recite the fifth juz', in shaa Allaah. the fifth juz' starts in surah an-nisa' from verse 24 and the juz' ends at surah an-nisa' verse 147. and Allaah knows best.

summarized: juz' al-khamis (part 5) surah an-nisa': 24 to surah an-nisa': 147

may Allaah bless you.

11-28-2006, 02:39 AM
today, by the Permission of Allaah, is the 6th of thul-qada. so, if you can, recite the sixth juz', in shaa Allaah. the sixth juz' starts in surah an-nisa' from verse 148 and the juz' ends at surah al-maa.idah verse 82. and Allaah knows best.

summarized: juz' as-saadis (part 6) surah an-nisa': 148 to surah al-maa.idah: 82

may Allaah bless you. and all praises are due to Allaah, the Lord of mankind, jinn and all that exists.

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