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View Full Version : Nazrul Islam Bengali Nasheeds

12-23-2006, 01:39 AM
Bengali Nasheed:

Visit: http://www.islamise.co.uk/Nasheeds/Bangla_Nasheeds.htm

1 Khuda Tomar Meherbani
2 Mashjid Eri Pashe Amar Kobor Dio Bhai
3 Ami Jodi Arab Hotam (If I was an Arab)
4 Allah Ke Je Paite Chai (Whoever Wants Allah)
5 Nobi Mor Porosh Moni Nobi Mor Shonar Khoni
6 Shaharate Phutlore Phul Rongin
7 Ramzaner Oi Rozar Sheshe Elo Khushir Eid (After Ramadhan and Fasting Comes Happy Eid)
8 Hera Hote Ele Dule
9 Bajhche Damama Badhre Amama
10 Ogo Noor Nabi Hazrat
11 Tawheeded e Murshid
12 Muhammad SAWS er Naam Jopechili
13 Allahu Allahu Tumi Jalla Jalaluhu
14 Mone Boro Asha Chilo Jabo Modinay (Really Hoped to Go to Medinah)
15 Dhormer Pothe Shohid Zara Amra Shei Jati (We are the Type of People who Become Martyrs for their Religion)
16 Tribhoboner Prio Muhammad SAWS Elore
17 Shono Shono Ya Elahi Amar Munazat.

Comments in bengali (& shylethi dialect) please.
Khali Bangali maht and nothing else.

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12-31-2006, 08:14 PM
its beautiful nasheeds

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