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View Full Version : Reminder to those doubting victory in somalia and the wider ummah

12-28-2006, 02:03 PM
Assalaamu Alaykum,

Already we are starting to see people despair over the supposed defeat of the Islamic forces in Somalia and their retreat to the Countryside to prevent the Ethiopians indiscriminately bombing Mogadishu and killing many civilians like they did in other towns they attacked.

The Islamic forces have disbanded much of their army yes, but they do not need so many for the guerrilla war that will now come to attack the Ethiopian supply lines and attack the Warlords and their now looting, raping, celebrating bandit soldiers.

Once the Ethiopians are forced to withdraw the Clan Warlords will not be strong enough to stop Islam rising again on their own. It is just a matter of time to attrition to force the Ethiopians out and then it is the end game for this latest Secular government ruling by Kufr in the Muslim lands. It will take years longer with the Ethiopian and US government helping them but the eventual victory will belong to Allah not to the Kufr.

Remember how the Unbelievers plotted against thee, to keep thee in bonds, or slay thee, or get thee out (of thy home). They plot and plan, and Allah too plans; but the best of planners is Allah. (Quran 8.30)

So why are you despairing? Are you not confident in the promise of Allah of the fact that he promises victory to those who are sincere? That a true Islamic state will rise again either in Somalia or elsewhere but first we must be tested and tried?

Do men think that they will be left alone on saying, "We believe", and that they will not be tested? We did test those before them, and Allah will certainly know those who are true from those who are false. (Quran 29: 2-3)

Where is your faith in Allah and his promise? Our tests will come and many great Brothers and Sisters will die just like many great Sahabah like Hamza died before seeing the eventual victory, this doesn’t mean we will lose after one victory, only that Allah wishes to test us and purify us before he will let victory and Ruling of the land come our way again.

Assalaamu Alaykum,
Abu Abdullah

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- Qatada -
12-28-2006, 02:11 PM

Jazak Allaah khayr for the beneficial post bro. Here's a top hadith which reassures me too which alot of brothers and sisters havn't heard of:

The Messenger of Allaah (peace be upon him) said:

"The Prophethood will last among you for as long as Allah (God) wills, then Allah would take it away. Then it will be (followed by) a Khilafah [caliphate] Rashida (rightly guided) according to the ways of the Prophethood. It will remain for as long as Allah wills, then Allah would take it away. Afterwards there will be a hereditary leadership which will remain for as long as Allah wills, then He will lift it if He wishes. Afterwards, there will be biting oppression, and it will last for as long as Allah wishes, then He will lift it if He wishes. Then there will be a Khilafah Rashida according to the ways of the Prophethood," then he kept silent.

[recorded in Musnad Imam Ahmad (v/273)]

We're under the underlined stage, and all the events before it have occured in our islamic history. Inshaa'Allaah the rest of the prophecy will soon come into effect.

According to the hadith, the prophet (pbuh) will be followed by rightly guided caliphs and after those caliphs (Abu Baker, Omar, Uthman and Ali) will come hereditary leadership (all other Caliphs) and after that will come tyrannical rule (today) and after that will come a rightly guided caliphs yet again inshaa'Allaah.


12-28-2006, 02:18 PM
Isn't that what they said about Iraq and Afghanistan too? Yes the former and latter are all peaceful lands now eh bushy wushy!

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