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View Full Version : little sunnahs make such a big difference

01-04-2007, 07:35 PM
in2 the toilet with left foot
out of the toilet with right foot

out of the house with left foot
in2 the house with right foot

any1 got any more?
share them with ur brothers and sisters

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Bint Abdusattar
01-06-2007, 11:27 PM

When taking off shoes or socks or clothes, remove the left side first and then the right side. When putting on shoes or socks or clothes, put on the right side first and then the left side.

When going down the stairs or a slope, say Subhanallah.
When going up the stairs or a slope, say Allah o Akbar

When brushing teeth with toothbrush or miswak, start with the right side

When eating from your plate of food, start eating from one side rather than from the centre

When eating, eat using the thumb, index and middle fingers of your right hand

When you are having dinner, avoid drinking water at the end of the meal - try to drink before the meal.

After your meal, make sure the plate is totally clean by wiping with your finger.

After you meal, lick your right thumb, index finger and middle.

After your lunch, try to take a short nap

After you dinner at night, go for a short walk (at least 40 steps)

before getting into bed, pull the covers bach and lightly brush your bed witha a garment 3 times and sat 'Aoodhu Billahee Minashaitan nirajeem'

Sleep on your right side with your right hand against your right cheek.


01-06-2007, 11:39 PM
Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) said : "When Changing Clothes, one should say Bis millahir Rahmanir Raheem as this will put a veil round you and it will refrain you from being watched by the Jinns and Saytaan

Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) said: Those who love my Sunnah, loves me. And those who loves me will enter paradise.

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