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Phoenix CG
01-11-2007, 12:00 AM
Make History, Make Peace - Make History, Make Peace - Everyone, Everywhere, Together, will be making history, YOU will be part of history! Wherever you are around the world, whatever you do, whatever your beliefs, a picture will always speak a thousand words.

But a million pictures will speak a billion words. That is infact our aim to get a million pictures from people all over the globe, to create this wonderful peace of history. Join us by sending in your digital print in A4 size or a drawing, an A4 painting, a wax crayon drawing, whatever age, whatever medium, whatever belief, whatever nationality. We invite you to take part in this wonderul creation to make history. A History that loves peace, the topic of the images will all be based on Peace.

All you need to do is send in your drawings to:

Make History, Make Peace
Al Muntada Al Islami
7 Bridges Place
Parsons Green
London, SW6 4HW

With £2.00 and your A4 Drawing


The £2.00 will go towards our project in experimenting with systems that will work in the Middle East, be culturally sensitive and forward thinking. The money will also go towards promoting fair trade and installing a system where people from poor nations can sell there items to a global market for there true value. Bringing fair trade to a new level by promoting entrepreneurship to the people of the world. ONLY £2.00 TO BE PART OF HISTORY!

Help make history today, send in your drawings and donation today, your names will all be binded together with the book which will be created, remember you will be a part of history.

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