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01-16-2007, 03:01 PM
Just as the intelligent have responded to Allah's light, similarly, the researchers of the modern sciences in the East and the West have returned to the pale of faith in God after having been chased from religion by the monks, priests and clergymen. The latter people had wanted to impose the religion of their own making on the minds of these researchers by force and these had abandoned religion in its entirety. But everytime they attempted to flee from faith in God they encountered His splendour and His signs revalued themselves to them. Everytime they fabricated a theory in support of atheism, Allah uncovered for them some truths which played havoc with those spurious theories and the Diveine portents forced them to return as missionaries calling towards faith in Him after they had acted as missionaries for atheism. It is very sad that many people in the Muslim lands have been deceived by the theories of atheism which these researchers had been spreading to stp people from relgion and belief in God, and they are still deceived by them thought they know that the researchers only did that to escape from a religion concocted by the priests. But these poor deluded people are unaware that Muhammad, peace be upon him, clarified what they had distorted and pointed out the falsehood of the Christian faith a few centuries before these researchers could discover those falsehoods. These poor deluded people are unaware, especially in Muslim lands, that the outstanding scientists in the East and West have joined those who condemn atheism and its falsities and are calling for faith in God. A professor in Biochemistry declared that those scientists who believe in God feel a great sense of satisfaction everytime they make a new discovery which supports their belief in God and it increases their understanding and perception of the power of God over creation.

A world famous natural scientist during the years 1925 to 1946 declared in an article entitled "God's existence is an absolute fact" that the atheists and freethinkers seem to have a blind spot in their brain which prevents them from seeing that all factors, whether living or lifeless, could have no meaning if one does not accept the existence of God.

A famous British astronomer declared that everytime the sphere of science widens more proofs come to light of the existence of an Eternal Creator Whose power is unlimited.

A French Chemist declared that he would resort to the Academy of Sciences to strengthen his faith in God whenever he felt that it was threatened.

A member of the American Association of Natural Sciences declared that everything in the universe testifies to the existence of God and proved His power and greatness. He also said that when scientists engage in the sturdy of the laws of nature they are in fact doing nothing more than studying God's creation and the effects of His power.

Allah has exposed the signs and proofs of His existence to the scientists as He has exposed to them some of the wonders of the Qur'an and miracles of the prophet, peace be upon him, which are enough to convince them of his prophethood. Here are the groups of researchers and scientists in the East and West who have believed in Islam and the groups continue to increase day after day. Here are the Islamic centers which have been opened in many European and American cities and the thing which increases our faith in this religion is that those who enter it enter with knowledge while those who leave it leave out of ignorance.

He who does not recognize his Creator lives in darkness.

- He who does not recognize his Master Who does with him whatever He wants lives in darkness.

- He who does not recognize the purpose of his creation and existence lives in darkness.

- He who does not recognize the guidance and light which came from his Lord lives in darkness.

- He who does not recognize his destiny to which he travels every day and which he will reach after death lives in darkness.

- He who does not recognize that path to live in the shade of his Lord's pleasure and protection lives in darkness.

- He who does not recognize the way out of these clouds of darkness will remain in them and never come out.

If the intelligent man thinks and ponders he will surely find that his need for guidance and light to take him out of this darkness comes before all his other needs.

If the intelligent man reflects on his Creator he will see that his Creator has guided everything to nature. You see every vein and every nerve in man's body, every limb and every organ has been created in the most suitable place and has been guided to its proper function. It is the same with all the parts of a plant such as the veins, leaves, flowers, branches and fruits. It is the same with all the parts of the animals and all the parts of the earth whether, water, air, soil, mountains, night, day, summer winter, autumn or spring and so it is with all the stars in the sky and all its planets. In short, He has determined the creation of everything and guided each to what accords with its creation. Because the creator is He:

'Who createth, then disposeth

Who measureth, then guideth.' (87:2-3)

'Who gave unto everything its nature, then guideth it aright.' (20:50).

If the intelligent person ponders over his creation and formation he will find that Allah created him, in need of water and provided it for him, in need of light and provided it for him, in need of food and provided it for him, in need of clothing and bed and provided them for him, in need of blood, flesh, bones, teeth and all other parts of his body and created them all for him. He rcreated him with the need to excrete waste matter from his body and provided the passage for it. If the Creator did not neglect to provide guidance for the smallest part of the human being then the intelligent will have no doubt that He did not leave them in need of guidance without providing it. Surely man is in dire need of light which will lead him out of the darknesses of ignorance, confusion, ruin, alarm and dout about the most important affairs of his life and existence. When man creates a piece of equipment he only sends it with someone who can explain the wisdom of its creation and how it is to be used. The Creator of man, therefore, cannot leave man without explanation and guidance, and indeed light and guidance did come from our Lord but the disbeliever pretends to be blind and follows his desire.

Allah says: 'Now hath come unto you light from Allah and a plain Scripture? Whereby Allah guideth him who seeketh His good pleasure unto paths of peace.

He bringeth them out of darkness unto light by His decree, and guideth them onto a straight path.' (5:15 ? 16).

There is no nation to which Allah did not send an apostle 'and there is not a nation but a warner hath passed among them' (35:24) and the recorded history of man bears testimony that every nation has a religion, whether it is in its original purity or is distorted by time. There is no excuse by which they can be saved from the darknesses and with this light He sent His noble prophets to deliver it to mankind. Thus there is no justification for anyone to insist on living in the dark.

Allah says: 'Messengers of good cheer and of warning, in order tht mankind might have no argument against Allah after the messengers.' (4:165).

This conclusive proof still exists today and it is the Qur'an, which is being spread throughout the atmosphere by dozens of radio and television stations in exactly the same manner as Allah revealed it. Allah has protected it from all distortions and it is This Qur'an which is memorized in the hearts and which the scholars in every age have spent endless efforts to preserve and teach. What, then, is the excuse of those who continue to live in the dark and what will be their excuse on the Day when their Lord will question them? As Allah says: 'Till, when they come (before their Lord), He will say: Did ye deny My revelations when ye could not compass them in knowledge, or what was it that ye did?' (27:84).

Surely in the guidance which has come from our Lord there is a complete answer to all the questions man may have, and in it is a healing for all the diseases of the heart, and in it is complete satisfaction for all those who possess intellect.

The intelligent people have accepted the guidance of their Lord and recognized that it is the truth. 'Those who have been given knowledge see that what is revealed unto thee from they Lord is the truth and leadeth unto the path of the Mighty, the Owner of Praise. (34:6). Thus have they responded after having recognized and learnt. So what excuse is there to reject fiath after others have accepted it? 'And those who argue concerning Alah after He hath been acknowledged, their argument hath no weight with their Lord, and wrath is upon them and theirs will be an awful doom.' (42:16).

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