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View Full Version : Hijaab

01-18-2007, 05:11 PM
I while ago a muslim sista shaved her head in protest on of a ban on Hijaab in France.


what did u fink bout the action she took?
Was it a bit too much??:?
Or did she do the right thing to show that her faith is strong??:?
I'm unsure...I mean if I could wear the hijaab there...I would ave moved to another place...where it is allowed....but she didn't want to move...and in her case she showed that the hijaab is her self respect....not wearing it is like not having any hair on her head...in some way it is a show of courage and strong will...but I'm not sure I would do the same in a similar situation...I will definately move...go anywhere...where I can practise my religion in peace...without discrimination and prejudice....but her decision came upon her situation and how she felt about it..I admire her bravery...:rollseyes but wot wud u ave done??:?

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