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01-22-2007, 03:14 PM

Hey people! Here are some ideas for Islamic projects for people to do. I think a good Muslim is an active Muslim, and we should all do our best and strive to improve the well beings of our families, our communities, and our one and only ummah.

1) Get on good terms with as many non-Muslims as you can. Don't mention Islam to them every little while, but let them see that you're an exemplary person, make them look up to you for your politeness, your etiquette, your pure goodness, and they will come to you asking about Islam. Show people that Muslims tolerate and are friendly with everyone, for I think that's the best way of giving da3wah.

2) Investigate ways of forming bridges between the Sunni and Shia Muslims. We're all one ummah, and our differences are minor. If we can achieve this kind of unity, it will be something the world has never seen before, and it will be motivation for everyone to accept Islam as "not just your everyday religion". The more each of us know about the differences and reasons of the split, the greater chance there is of one inspired person coming along and presenting a solution for unity.

3) Those who have computer skills can make programs for learning Qur'an, Hadeeths, Arabic, stories, etc...because a lot of the programs that are out on the market are not that good quality. I want to lose the mentality that anything Islamic has to be bad quality, and I want everyone else to lose it too, but that's not gonna happen until people start putting in effort and love into their work. Programs, books, websites, they all need a slight boost in the quality department.

4) Learn about Islam in Bosnia and find ways for improving it. I've done some research myself, and have found that Islam is very very weak over there. It can hardly be called an Islamic country from all the "stuff" that goes on over there. You would think that the war has woken them up to the reality of who they are, but unfortunately that's not the case. If anyone wants more info, PM me and we can discuss it.

5) Those who are into law or politics can think up a proposal for an Islamic alternative to the western ideal of liberal democracy. Islam is not against democracy nor liberalism, but with some obvious limits, nevertheless we have a lot of flexibility in applying certain laws. Try to think of a way that Islamic law would be acceptable to the western mentality without actually going against any part of the Shariah. This is a big project by the way, but a fun one if you're into that sort of thing.

6) Lastly, campaigns; we have to really stand up and unite against the bad things in this world. Yeah a lot of us are standing up against the west, but people are also neglecting the fact that we Muslims aren't so great ourselves. It's easy to protest Bush and the war in Iraq, but why should it be any harder to protest against terrorism, against suicide bombings, against mistreatment of non-Muslims by Muslims (yes this IS happening)? We need to stand up shout out against all kinds of opression, ESPECIALLY if Muslims are the ones doing it. When we have a clean and united ummah, then we can really unite in protest against the actions of the west. Don't let them have a single excuse against us...

Those are things I could think of for now, hope someone found something that they could do for the ummah and for themselves.

Tell me what you think of the ideas...


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