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01-25-2007, 09:50 AM
Salamalaykum, Who is Good at Dream Interpretation?

Perhaps other Muslims have read my posts before over the course of last year and are disagreeing with me in my own interpretations, so then who will be better able than I am to interpret these Dreams:

I get a repeating Dream, always slightly different, with many variations, and has been repeating recently more and more frequently and stronger than ever before. It is a Dream in which many Australian Aborigine Alcholics give up grog – giving up the drink altogether, and then we, as a more consolidated Indigenous Ummah, begin to identify more soundly again to the world which of us are Jews by ancient ancestry. I say some of us are Jews by blood line, but we are not Judaic in belief system and our belief systems are most alike to any Saint cult within Islam. This is comprehensible by looking to the Wandjina Art in Western Australia. The Wandjina never blame, they are Creative Spirit beings like Angels and Arch Angels, whom Govern all beginnings and endings, endings and beginnings.

In these Dreams I have it manifests that Aborigines here all, (subhanAllah) experience being lifted ito Heaven in our Dreamtime, a bit like Evangelist American Christians expect to experience of “The Rapture”, except that we all Dream it happening with out feet on the Earth. Then the American Evangelists suddenly become shown up for having been causing war in the Middle East by backing Israel financially because they wanted to dis-prove the very prophesy they rely upon, of a Jew Governing in Palestine, so they pay folk whom are non-believers, to be politically powerful as the Israeli Nation State. Have American Evangelists been setting up non-Jews to rule Israel? I thought it was the Nazis who did that? But also, aren't most Shaytans imaining that they have disproven both Ahadith and Revelations Prophesies, by their belief in the Nation State of Israel, and that it is controlled by non-Jews? Well that is what they seem to be internally relying upon.

Basically my repeating Dream is that Aborigines experience the Rapture in our Dreamtime, and then the American Evangelists hate us all for being able to give up alcohol and other such behavioural amends.

And so, well, these are all just Dreams right? But now a Man who is a fully initiated traditional custodian of Uluru, arrived in Brisbane at Christmas, and was hanging out with people who live on the street who I know, until he found a way to corner me alone, and has asked me to marry him. Mainly politely. He is a qualified National Park Ranger with a large grown up family, including children and grandchildren, and old enough to take a second wife. One of his daughters is married into the Yolgnu clan whom own the Yothu Yindi foundation. He has asked me to have his baby, in fact, he has instructed me that we need to make a baby, and is checking me out about my ovulation patterns, and is telling me about how to find his mother and sisters, for just in case he can't tolerate me being intolerate of him using any alcohol and looses his temper and I kick him out. He hasn't even been to my house yet and it already mapping us together that far.

Obviously I have told him that I will only be married to a man who gives up alcohol altogether. Already he is getting sad because I will not immediately leave Brisbane and go with him back to the Northern Territory. But I have to look out for my older children. We aren't even married yet. But this happening is what I have been Dreaming about for three years, aligned with Aborigines getting the Rapture, and many of the Evangelist Churches going to Jahannam.

My oldest son pointed out that my three boys Dad will never sign in agreement to their surname being changed, but he only pointed that out because he doesn't want “Dick” for a surname.

What else could this be able except that it fits with my Prayers also? How else can it be explained? I think it must be real, but many people imagine I am insane. Will Ivan Dick end up taking the blame because American Evangelists go to hell while all his own people get the Rapture? Because I just can't stop from Dreaming this is real, and now it is really coming real!

Stay tuned for the next installment. Will I become Mrs. I. Dick! All the more peculiar in the circumstance of him being a fully initiated desert man. But you know what they say, if the hat fits. But I feel like I have two hats on, actually it was so hot this morning that I put a sun hat on over my scarf, and now it is raining and I feel like the airconditioned buildings might make me catch a cold. An Aborigine died of hypothermia in Darwin hospital once because of the air conditioning.

Alaykmuasalam Waramathuallahi Warabarakathuha

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