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01-25-2007, 04:55 PM
assalam alaykum peeps

Sorry I've been away for a while but I left for Egypt, got married, had the honeymoon and now life has been busy. I heard there is a thread for me in the sister's area but I keep not logging in here often enough and it keeps saying I'm not allowed in there. Must be an automatic time thing or something.

Anyhoo......I have been told by a few that my marriage is invalid because I did not have a wali present at my marriage.

A little history......I am a new convert...just before Ramadan new. I am 41 years old and have been divorced once before. My family is 100% Catholic and totally disapprove of my marriage because he is muslim, so obviously going to them for advice would be pointless.imsad

I have many friends who are muslim and a few did check out my husband before I married him. Also, I met his cousin who is an imam of a mosque in Cairo and we chatted for a bit. I also got to be good friends with his best friend and jokingly called him my wali a few times because he gave my hubby to be heck a day or two before the wedding, but it was in jest that I referred to him that way.

We got married in the ministry of marriage with the required two witnesses, one of which was his cousin the imam. (or is it iman????:-[ )

So.........................not that I want to hear from anymore peeps that I've lived in sin so to speak for the past month or so but............what's the ruling on this? Going to ************** it says that the hanafi way of thinking says that because I am a convert I do not need a wali.

what say you?

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