View Full Version : Muslim, Jew or Christian, we all call upon the Allah.

02-15-2007, 09:52 PM
A bit of history. Prophet Abraham PBUH was the first to inform people of monotheism and forbid idol worshiping. The blood line of one arab and one jew wife, both bearing a son each, Isaac and Ismael. Allah SWT chose for this blood line to reveal his scriptures and gospels from Ismael's side mainly, Moses, Mary, Jesus peace be upon them all. Then to reveal the completed and final truth of Allah SWT, with which man cannot interfere despite all efforts, Allah SWT chose Prophet Mohammed PBUH from the arab side. This message came to the jews through Moses PBUH and the torah of there being a final messenger of Allah SWT. In the torah Prophet Mohammed PBUH is known as Ahmed. The corrupted jews overlooked this fact like they did with many commands of Allah SWT. Rabbi's meddled around with the torah to make it more paleatable for the corrupted jews at the time, the new edition of the torah got rid of the facts about a last messenger because they didnt like the fact Allah SWT chose an arab messenger for the final message. There were although jews who knew of this and believed in this message, when Prophet Mohammed PBUH came the ignorant jews due to their stubborness rebelled against Allah SWT. The christians were prone to much more foulplay on part of the priests and romans meddling around with the bible. Just because Jesus PBUH performed some miracles by the will of Allah SWT, such as bringing the dead back to life, or healing people. They took this the totally wrong way and claimed Jesus is God or son of God.
Back to my main point, the one thing no one was able to get rid of was calling upon Allah SWT even in judaism and christianity to this day.
They say HallaluYa, we say Ya Allah = Oh Allah. Their translation seems backwards thats because the beautiful language of Arabic goes from right to left, and the roman greek latin languages go left to right. Hallalu Ya is derived from the Hebrew term Ya aweh. Ya is praise for in hebrew.
Only us muslims realise that we call upon Allah, jews and christians do it without realising.
Please forgive mistakes in the above, and please do correct what I have said wrong.

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02-16-2007, 04:56 PM
Maybe if you put forward your idea of history in a question then you could open up dialogue.

You see, most people who dont agree with this probably wont even reply because they feel, quite rightly, that you have made your mind up and are not open for dialogue. This impression is given by the way you have put forward your view.

Also Abraham peace be upon him was not the first to call to monotheism nor to forbid idol worshiping.

As for the Halleluya thing, if your relying on Ahmed Deedat material then please do not do so, and even if you are not then I doubt that mentioning the Halleluya will help anything, rather just open door for refutation.

Your brother Eesa.

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