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02-21-2007, 11:42 AM


Fiqh Of Dawah
by Muhammad Al-Shareef

Fiqh of Dawah ~ Guiding to Allah by the Book is the official recording of an AlMaghrib Institute seminar. This recording of an Almaghrib Institute Seminar addresses 4 basic pillars of giving dawah. Each pillar is then divided into different subcategories such as the Character of the Da’ee, Understanding Who We are Guiding, Essential Dawah & Debating Techniques, 25 Psychological Tips and Tricks, and many more.

This set, which comes with two bonus CD’s, ABC’s of Speech/Article writing and Swift and Logical Responses, will give you the proper tools to spread the message of Islam in a variety of settings and situations.

This CD set is the first of its kind from and for the English speaking population of Muslims. InshAllah, the next time you encounter a co-worker or a family member for dawah purposes, this EmanRush will not leave you empty-handed!

CD1 - 1st Pillar - Introduction
CD2 - 1st Pillar - The Brand Called Islam
CD3 - 1st Pillar - Focus, Focus, Focus
CD4 - 1st Pillar - The Unique Path of a Muslim
CD5 - 2nd Pillar - Clearing the Fog
CD6 - 2nd Pillar - The Character of the Da’ee
CD7 - 3rd Pillar - Who Should We Be Guiding (1 of 4)
CD8 - 3rd Pillar - Who Should We Be Guiding (2 of 4)
CD9 - 3rd Pillar - Who Should We Be Guiding (3 of 4)
CD10 - 3rd Pillar - Who Should We Be Guiding (4 of 4)
CD11 - 4th Pillar - Essential Dawah Techniques
CD12 - 4th Pillar - Essential Debating Techniques
CD13 - 4th Pillar - Guiding Chrisitians
CD14 - 4th Pillar - Guiding Astray Muslims
CD15 - 4th Pillar - 25 Psychological Tips and Tricks
CD16 - Da’wah Project Brainstorm
CD17 - Bonus - ABCs of Speech-Article Writing
CD18 - Bonus - Swift and Logical

PLEASE NOTE!!! That This Lecture Was Taken From This Site: http://islamicdownloads.wordpress.com/
It's A New Site I Think... And Its Great...So All Credit To Them :D


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02-23-2007, 01:38 AM
assalmu alikum

jazakum allahu ghairun ahki.

I wanted to listen to this too. I was going to take it out at the masjid. Right as I reached the library at the masjid a brother in front of me took it.

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