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Ummu Amatullah
07-20-2005, 02:31 PM
British Muslim leaders and politicians have agreed to tackle terrorism and extremism head on, Prime Minister Tony Blair said Tuesday.

Speaking after Downing Street talks with 25 senior Muslim figures, as well as opposition leaders, Blair said the best way to fight terrorism was for the mainstream Muslim community to confront the extremists in their midst.

He reported the very strong desire of people from across the Muslim community to confront and deal with head on the extremism that is based on a perversion of the true faith of Islam, but nonetheless is real within parts of our community here in this country.

There was widespread support for the establishment of a taskforce from within the community itself to talk Muslims, in particular the young, and confront this evil ideology, take it on and defeat it, by the force of reason and argument, he said.

There was also a strong sense of desire to work with the police and the security services to make sure that these extremists are properly dealt with.

He acknowledged some Muslims on the extreme fringes of the community might disagree with the plans, but said he believed most would support them.

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07-21-2005, 01:54 AM

It appears as if this time he is much more pessimistic than other times. He doesn't have the hope that muslims will follow his ideology and his notion when it comes to fighting terrorism. He does not believe that 100% of the muslim population will uphold his propoganda for defeating the terrorists that have just terrorized his city just very recently.

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