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07-22-2005, 02:46 PM
why are we having fun in this life? are we all promised paradise? why are we laughing? don't we know that laughing hardens and darkens the heart. why are we having fun and we know that the DAY OF JUDGEMENT is just right aroung the corner? allhamdulilah there are some beeficial games here but others that arn't that benefical. fear Allah and think about the hellfire and think less of the dunyah. the muslims are striving for the rewards of the hear after and not the glad tidings of this life. this life is just a test and we as musilms are striving for that A+++. we all should want paradise. dont we? don't we all want paradise? imagine the goodness of jannah. what ever we think and imagine whats Jannah going to be like.. Jannah is 10 time better then what you are thinking. can you just imagine that? subhanalah. we would all cry if we all knew the pleasure of Jannah and knowing the fact that we are not promised it! we are all closer to the hellfire then the Paradise. compared to the companions we are considerd hypocrites. our khoshoo in prayer is nothing compared to the companions. one time a companion was praying and his house caught on fire. his family, wife, childrens, was screaming and yelling. (please forgive me but i forgot the name of this person may Allah have mercy upon him) this person was still standing there still praying. his family had to put the fire out. after the fire had gone out and the man finished praying his wife had asked him what happened? didn't you know that the house got on fire? The man replied this fire didn't fear me. i was more scared of the fire in the hear after then the fire in this life. SUBHANLLAH!! we should all cry hearing this story. see how the salifs back then they had so much khoshoo in prayer and how we in prayer now, we see a mosquito in front of us we try killing it rather then thinking about the punishments in the hearafter. there was this other salif that loved prayer and had a lot of khushoo in his prayer. one time he was praying a bird landed on his head. this salif never knew that a bird had landed on his head while he was praying. we should be scared right now. we should fear the hellfire more then the companions because we are so closer to it then them. they would still try there hardest to please Allah ta'lah even though some of them was promised Jannah. we should contimplate everyday on our selfs. we shuold fear Allah and know that He is there watching us and looking at our every move either its good and rightous or wrong and sinful.

may allah grant the muslims paradise. and make the ummah become stonger EMAN wise and physically. may Allah increase us all in knowledge and good conduct. may Allah increase us in the rememorization in him and may Allah have mercy upon those who are lead astry and pray for our brothers and sister who are in that position. may Allah not make us one of those who are lead atry and may Allah give strenght to the mujahideen and may Allah make the trial and tribulations easy for the muslims and make our last words the words of Allah (the kalimah) and may he Ta'alah forgive our sins and may Allah guide those who are misguided and may Allah reward the musilms who change the ummah and the imams and shiyeks who learn and teaches and spread the true religion. may Allah make the muslims balance fear, hope, and love for Allah and inshallah we should all want Jannahunfirdous w/ the Prophet sallaualyhiwasallam. and we should put it into action and make sure have our intentions purified before we do any kind of worship to Allah the Almighty. AMEEN

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07-22-2005, 03:40 PM
Asalamu Alaikum

Not to put you down dear brother, but Islam is not against having a laugh. It's against having a laugh and doing nothing else but laughing and chilling out. At times, the prophet [saw] also had fun and had a little joke.

If the members contribute in useful discussions all day, and then retire to this forum of the board to ease off a bit, I don't see no harm in it. Of course, spending all your time laughing and playing games is not on.

If I've said anything to hurt you, do forgive me.

07-22-2005, 03:50 PM

Jazakallahukirun for your comment, i want to be corrected so i won't have anysins to be held against me on the day of judgment. allhamdulilah this is very good way for the musilms to get together and learn and inshalah if anyone have any wrong opinions they could get corrected. forgive me also (this is to every one) if i said anything wrong or said things to make you think diferently in islam and inshalah if i had said anything wrong please correct me and may Allah reward you umm 350z. inshalah i'll try to be more detailed. inshalah i'll forgive you only if you'll forgive me!!! haha .

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